Earlier this year, I spoke to a terrific group that gave me a great idea. The Maine P-PODS (Parents and Providers of Diabetic Children) invited me to talk about being The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom. As many groups do, in lieu of a speaker’s fee, they bought books to give away at the event.

As I was leaving, I noticed there was a box of extra books left over. I asked why they hadn’t given it out. Turn out, they were giving the books to their local peds endo clinic to give away to newer diagnosed families.

While “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom” does have a lot of what I’d call “real-life” advice, it wasn’t written as a medical book. So, it’s been incredibly gratifying, and a bit surprising, to hear from endos and educators who’ve reached out to tell me they’ve learned from our experiences.

After the P-PODS experience, I thought, why not try to make the book more accessible to clinics? I talked to some offices who were eager to give the book the patients, but I quickly realized I couldn’t simply give the book away without going broke!  I started talking to some potential sponsors and very quickly, we came up with a solution.

Announcing the Book to Clinic program! It’s very simple. We prominently display the sponsor name and website on the front cover, and I tuck a little note into each book to make sure the reader knows about my relationship with the sponsor.

Huge thanks to T1D3DGear for stepping up to be my first sponsor and to Frio Insulin Cooling Cases for jumping right in as well.

If you have a product, blog or podcast that appeals to the diabetes community, let me know. Pricing is very reasonable and fits just about every budget. It’s a unique chance to reach people in our community via a trusted source, their clinician.

If you’re an endo or CDE who’d like some books, please let me know.

Let’s spread the word about why being “The Worst” is really the best!


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