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Amazing race logo, Leo Brown and host Stacey Simms

The Amazing Race: Leo Brown’s Unique Diabetes Story

 Meet Leo Brown from this season of The Amazing Race! He lives with diabetes, but his story isn’t a typical one. Leo was born with congenital hyperinsulinism, where the body makes too much insulin, and had almost his entire pancreas removed. Leo will share his unique story and tell us about running the race with…

Girl in Halloween costume

Diagnosed On Halloween: Kelly Kunik Marks Four Decades with T1D

Halloween can be a challenge for many families touched by diabetes, but just imagine beng diagnosed ON Halloween. That’s what happened to Kelly Kunik in 1977. In this “Classic” episode from 2017, Kelly shares her story, her family’s unique experience with diabetes, and what led her to beginning her blog, Diabetesaliciousness, in 2007.  Check out…

typewriter types the word news

Ask The D-Moms: Finding Reliable Diabetes News Sources

This week Ask the D-Moms is back, answering a very different kind of question. How do you know what diabetes news is reliable? Moira McCarthy and Stacey both have backgrounds in professional news media. We’ll talk about medical studies, news sources and, community & social media info. Check out Stacey’s book: The World’s Worst Diabetes…

get insulin dot org logo with hands embracing behind it

Get Insulin.org: A New “One Stop Clearing House” For Insulin Access

There’s a new way to connect people with diabetes who take insulin with assistance programs. It’s a new website from Beyond Type 1 and, of course, it’s not without controversy. GetInsulin.org launched earlier this month, so we asked Thom Scher, the CEO of Beyond Type 1 to come on the podcast. Thom explains what the…

Photo of Linda Franklin weightlifting

“Being Strong is Wonderful”- World Record Holder Linda Franklin on Fitness & T1D

Linda Franklin is one of the strongest people we know – and we mean that literally! She holds world records for power lifting and has ranked at an elite national level for cross fit. Linda was diagnosed with type 1 at age 26 and reveals she struggled with management until she found her community. You…

Photo of Medtronic 770G Insulin Pump

“Innovation All Stacked Up, Ready to Go” – Medtronic Diabetes Group President Sean Salmon

It’s been a busy fall already for Medtronic; they’ve acquired Companion Medical and the FDA approved their 770G pump. Stacey catches up with Diabetes Group President Sean Salmon to talk about that and much more. Find out the difference between the 770G and the upcoming 780G, their plans for longer-wear pump insets and when they…

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