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Halloween Advice from D-Moms Who’ve Been There (Classic Episode)

The first Halloween when your child has diabetes can seem impossible, but the D-Moms are here to help! Stacey & Moira McCarthy answer listener questions and share stories about their experiences. They can help make Halloween less scary, more fun and show you that there are a lot of options for your family. Stacey also…

In the News logo with photos of Garmin Watch, insulin vial and rugby game

In the News.. Dexcom and Garmin partner, faster insulin tested, once a week basal and more…

Top stories this week include: a new adjunct therapy is being tested for type 1, Dexcom and Garmin will officially work together (no more DIY needed), once weekly basal insulin study, can psychedelic drugs prevent type 2?! and Australia bets on Rugby for diabetes education Check out Stacey’s book: The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom! Join…

Vanessa Messenger, her dog and the cover of Teddy Talks book

A new mom (twice!) during COVID, Vanessa Messenger shares her story and her new book about T1D

Pregnancy with type 1 is never simple, but this week’s guest faced an unusual complication. Vanessa Messenger has had two babies during the COVID pandemic! Vanessa, who lives with T1D, gave birth to her daughter in the summer of 2020. She just had another baby – 15 days before our interview. Her new book is…

in the news logo with a Medtronic pump, Afrezza insulin and statin medicine pictured

In the News… Medtronic recall, Inhaled insulin for kids, T1D adults called “forgotten population” and more!

It’s “In the News…” the only LIVE diabetes newscast! Top stories this week: Medtronic expands its insulin pump recall, Afrezza inhaled insulin pediatric studies to begin, new report says adults w/T1D are a “Forgotten population,” new research into type 2 diabetes and statins and more! Join us each Wednesday at 4:30pm EDT live at https://www.facebook.com/diabetesconnections…

insulin vial with the words pay or die on the front

Pay or Die: A new documentary about the price of insulin

There’s a new documentary in the works, all about the struggle of insulin access and affordability. Rachel Dyer and Scott Ruderman, who lives with type 1, join Stacey to talk about their experience making this film and why they think it could make a difference. Pay or Die Film provides an inside look at how…

In the news logo

In the News… Insulin price drop, COVID T1D study, a through-the-skin CGM and more!

In the News.. this week: Lilly drops the price of some insulins, this T1D group most likely to be hospitalized if infected with COVID, insulin pumps reduce risk of retinopathy, Novo Nordisk pays investors to settle earnings claims, another through-the-skin glucose monitor and more! Join us Live on Facebook each Wednesday at 4:30pm EDT! Check…

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