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In the news logo dated July 28, 2021

In the News.. T1D gene mapping, new T2D meds, insulin implant research & more!

It’s “In the News…” the only LIVE diabetes newscast! Our top stories this week: 100 years of insulin, the largest genetic study of type 1 diabetes is complete, approval for a new type 2 meds for teens, research moves forward on an insulin-producing implant and an Olympic hopeful starts a diabetes sports foundation!. Watch “In…

Swimmer Gary Hall

“We’re not in this alone” – Gary Hall, Jr on Winning Olympic Gold with T1D

When Gary Hall Jr was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1999 his doctors told him to give up competitive swiming and drop out of the 2000 Olympics. Instead, he charged ahead and became the first person with T1D to take home an Olympic Gold Medal. Hall won Gold in Sydney in 2000 and again…

in the news logo

In the News.. Oral Meds for T1D, Dexcom API News, Closed Loop and Teens, Olympics and more!

It’s “In the News…” the only LIVE diabetes newscast! Our top stories this week:  Oral meds to prevent T1D move ahead, racial disparity in peds CGM use, what that Dexcom API news means, a new study with teens and Control IQ and a summer olympian talks about her recent T1D diagnosis. Join Stacey live on…

Jack Tierney as a high school grad and current photo

“I’ve never felt better in my life and I’m 81 years old” – meet Jack Tierney

Jack Tierney has lived with type 1 for more than 60 years. Not surprising, he was first misdiagnosed with type 2 and lived with that diagnosis for almost two years. He shares the story of finally getting the right diagnosis, living well with T1D before home blood sugar meters or fast acting insulins and why…

In the News Logo

In the News… Smart Insulin, Pixar Features Diabetes, T1D up K2 and more!

It’s In the News – the only weekly diabetes newscast! This week’s headlines include: Lawsuit against insulin makers moves ahead Mixed news for Teplizumab Peep the pump at Pixar Antacids to help type 2? #T1D up K2 Join Stacey live on Facebook to watch each Wednesday at 4:30pm EDT! Check out Stacey’s book: The World’s…

Dexcom product images and CEO Kevin Sayer

Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer Answers Your Questions

What do we know about the upcoming Dexcom G7? Find out in this conversation with company CEO Kevin Sayer. As usual we have a long list of questions from you covering everything from adhesives to watches to more. Sayer shares details about how they’re preparing for the G7 rollout (it has not yet been submitted…

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