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The Baby-Sitters Club & Type 1 Diabetes in Media

The Baby-Sitters Club comes to Netflix! The beloved series features a character who lives with type 1 diabetes. How did the show do portraying life for a 7th grader with T1D? We talk to New York Times Bestselling author and winner of the National Book Award Robin Benway. Robin loved the books as a child…

“We’re All Figuring This Out Together” – Improving School Care For Children With Type 1 Diabetes

Back to school is stressful for families touched by diabetes, even without this year’s incredible and unique challenges. There’s a new service in development to help make it just a little easier to let someone else take care of your child. Bob Weishar is the founder of a new company called Invincible. We’ll find out…

A Diabetes Game Show! The FFL-Wood Squares

It’s our annual game show episode! This year, because of all the Zoom calls, we decided to play the HollyWood Squares! Of course, since this is a show for the Friends for Life Conference (FFL, pronounced Fiffle) we’re calling it The FFL-Wood Squares! Huge thanks to our panelists: Kerri Sparling, Edward Hawthorne, Dr. Henry Rodriguez,…

Doctor holding medication

Hydroxychloroquine and Type 1 Diabetes?! Why TrialNet Is Looking Into It

Before hydroxychloroquine was part of the national Covid conversation, it was being looked at in studies to see if it might help in the prevention of type 1 diabetes. Recently JDRF held a Facebook Live event with Dr. Jane Buckner, where she talked about TrialNet’s Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Prevention Study. JDRF was kind enough to share…

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Minisode #10 – “Why I Love My Insulin Pump” – Listeners Weigh In

Why do you love your pump? We asked listeners to give us short reviews of the systems they use. This is sort of a companion piece to our last episode – when we went through how to choose a pump. That was more about process. We talked about how you can’t make a bad or…

different insulin pump makes and models

“Can I Just Get the Pink One?” – How To Choose An Insulin Pump

“What insulin pump should we get?” is a really common question. But it isn’t the right question, at least to start. We’re turning that around into, “If I want a pump, how should I choose one?” After all, every pump out there has devoted fans, which tells you there isn’t a bad or wrong choice.…

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