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JDRF & Beyond Type 1 CEOs Explain Their New Alliance (Bonus Episode)

What happens when two huge diabetes organizations decide to work together? We’re all about to find out. Stacey talks to the CEOs of JDRF & Beyond Type 1 about their newly announced “alliance.” Buy Stacey’s Book – “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom” JDRF’s Aaron Kowalski and Beyond Type 1’s Thom Scher join Stacey for a…

“Everyone is an Athlete” – Erik Douds Talks T1D, Motivation & Extreme Sports

Erik Douds has big plans for the next few weeks. First, a 100 mile bike ride through Death Valley next week and then the New York City Marathon. Douds says these events take on a new – unexpected layer when you have type 1: it becomes about community. Buy the Book! The World’s Worst Diabetes…

Ask the D-Moms: Managing Halloween With Type 1 Diabetes

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for children with type 1 diabetes or their parents. Moira McCarthy & Stacey are back with Ask the DMoms. They answer your questions about all those bags of candy, lows while kids run around the neighborhood, pumps and d-tech under costumes and much more. Order Stacey’s new book –…

Jeffrey Dachis & One Drop: More Than A Meter Company

One Drop made a name for itself with a beautiful design; this summer it became the only diabetes devices in Apple stores. But founder Jeff Dachis says that the mission goes far beyond looking good. Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group! Jeff explains all that One Drop does and shares his frightening diagnosis story. We…

Dr. Bill Polonsky and Dr. Steve Edelman

Type 1 Diabetes & Evidence-Based Hope

Is the news about diabetes better than many of us believe? A deeper look into some important studies with two leaders in the diabetes community. Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group! Dr. Bill Polonski of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute and Dr. Steve Edelman, founder of TCOYD and an endocrinologist who lives with type 1, join…

She Is Not Waiting: Carson & DIY Omnipod Loop: / Baseball GM Dave Peterson

Would you ask your teenage daughter to be among the first to try a new DIY diabetes method? Carson’s family did. She’s been Looping with Omnipod since last fall; as far as we know, she’s the first teenager to do so. Pre-order the World’s Worst Diabetes Mom, Stacey’s New Book! We’ll talk about being a…