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In the News… Implantable insulin pump, Doctors (not parents) miss T1D symptoms, Dexcom shelf-life extension and more!

It’s “In the News…” the only diabetes newscast! Top stories this week: Medtronic moves on implantable insulin pump, study: doctors – but not parents – are missing symptoms of T1D in kids, Dexcom “shelf-life extension” explained, news about whether COVID is causing a surge of diabetes in children and what happened with the Apple watch…

Kevin Covais from 2006 and today

From American Idol to Actor and Advocate: Meet Kevin Covais

Kevin Covais was one of the youngest contestants on American Idol; he was just 16 when he made his debut during season 5. He’ll share some behind the scenes stories including managing low blood sugar during a live performance. Diagnosed with T1D at age 11, Kevin has been working steadily as an actor. We’ll talk…

In the News.. BG trends during COVID lockdowns, diabetes sales fraud, A Dexcom G5 message, and more!

It’s In the News… the top diabetes stories of the past seven days! This week, what did lockdown mean for BG trends, Provention Bio keeps fighting for Teplizumab, the FTC shuts down diabetes schlockmeisters and if you’re still using the Dexcom G5 – you need to hear this… Join Stacey live on Facebook each Wednesday…

walmart logo and novolog insulin bottle

The New Walmart Insulin: Everything You Need to Know

The term “Walmart Insulin” has always referred to cheap, older formulations. But now an agreement with Novo Nordisk means Walmart is selling own branded version of Novolog. It’s the very same insulin, with a much lower cash price. What does this mean for us as customers and for insulin pricing overall? Stacey speaks to Michael…

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In the News… new info on COVID and diabetes, bioartificial pancreas research, a T1D superhero movie and more!

It’s “In the News…” the top diabetes headlines of the past seven days. This week: Why is COVID more dangerous with diabetes? A new study says technology (like pumps and CGMs) doesn’t help “Diabetes Distress,” more screening recommended for “social risk” of type 2, bioartificial pancreas research and there’s a T1D Superhero movie in the…

Ethan Orr pictured

Pulled from a meet for his CGM’s tape, a high school swimmer with T1D speaks out

A high school swimmer with diabetes is told he can’t compete at the state championships because of his CGM’s medical tape. It’s a story that’s been all over social media and national news outlets. What really happened here? We talk to Ethan Orr and his mother, Amanda Terrell-Orr. They explain  what happened that day, what…

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