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In the News.. Beta cells in microbeads, new injectable for T2D, Mannkind buys V-Go… and more!

It’s in the news! Got a few minutes? Get caught up! Top stories this week: new research that keeps beta cells safer after transplant, a new drug for type 2 also shows weight loss success, the makers of Afrezza buy a simple patch pump, Beyond Type 1 tackles mental health and diabetes and lots more!…

iLet insulin pump prototype

“The system really learns you” – The latest on the iLet Bionic Pancreas

We’ve got an update from Beta Bionics, makers of the iLet pump. This is the system that, among many other things, requires very little input from the user. They’re hoping this makes it accessible for more people. Stacey talks to to interim CEO Martha Goldberg Aronson. She shares more information about recent studies regarding the Ilet,…

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In the News.. Nanoparticles T1D study, Oral insulin tested for T2D, a type 1 Squishmallow and more!

It’s “In the News…” Got a few minutes? Get caught up! Top stories this week: racial disparities in treatment for kids with type 1, new study looks at oral insulin for type 2, nanoparticles tested to prevent diabetes and why is there a Squishmallow toy being marketed as having T1D? That and a lot more.…

Dexcom G7 System

Dexcom G7 Update With CTO Jake Leach

Dexcom’s G7 is in front of the FDA right now. There are some significant changes to the system, including what’s basically a snooze for essential alarms, including the urgent low. Dexcom’s Chief Technology Officer Jake Leach answers your questions about adhesive, direct to watch, accuracy, and even mentions the G8. Here’s more information about the…

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In the News.. FDA suspends stem cell study, Omnipod 5 wider rollout, Dexcom G7 update and more!

It’s “In the News…” Got a few minutes? Get caught up! Top stories this week: An FDA hiccup for Vertex, Omnipod 5 starts wider rollout, New peek at Dexcom G7 features, Beta Bionic study info, “Hey Alexa, predict my blood sugar” and Healthline shuts down their main source of diabetes news and information. — Join…

Sara Adams and Allison Nimlos, organizators of the Diabetes + Mental Heath Conference

“It’s more than a physical condition” The Diabetes and Mental Health Conference

This week, we’re having a conversation about diabetes beyond numbers. Yes,  there are a lot of those and they are very important. But have you ever stopped to think about the mental energy and emotional effort behind those numbers? Even if your A1C and Time in Range are what your doctor wants to see. Our…

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