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“Therapy for Your Soul” – 7 Reasons You Can’t Miss the New Moms’ Night Out Event

I’ve been organizing local parent meetups in Charlotte, NC since my son was diagnosed with type one back in 2006. Earlier this year, I thought it would be fun to see if we could do more than our usual coffee or lunch. As the host of Diabetes Connections podcast, I’ve been to dozens of conferences…

Navigating the wild with T1D: outdoor guide Sarah Janin

This week, it’s one thing to push yourself when you live with type 1 diabetes.. we talk a lot about extreme athletes with T1D, but it’s another thing to live with diabetes when others rely on you for their safety. Sarah Janin is an outdoor adventure guide for sports like rock climbing and ice climbing…

Life-Saving Legislation: changing the rules around rescue glucagon

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about using someone else’s emergency glucagon if our child or another adult needed it. But that’s something a school nurse or other health care provider could lose their license over. Now, some states are passing legislation to make it easier for anyone to use any one’s rescue glucagon. We…

In the News… Abbott nabs Bigfoot, low-dose aspirin for T2D, can ChatGPT answer diabetes questions? and more!

It’s In the News, a look at the top stories and headlines from the diabetes community happening now. Top stories this week: Abbott acquires Bigfoot, a new study looks at low-dose aspirin to prevent type 2, researchers look into whether the AI ChatGPT can answer FAQs about diabetes, Beyond Type Run is back for the…

Breaking Limits – A Type 1 Diabetes Extreme Sports Documentary

This week, a new project to show an adventurous side of diabetes. a documentary about extreme athletes with type 1. The film makers are interviewing snowboarders, kayakers and professional athletes like Indy Driver Conor Daly and Soccer’s Jordan Morris. Director Dylan Leonard talks to me about why he wanted to make this movie – he…

Ryan Reed, Chad Bower and Mary Mouser show their Tandem tslim x2 pumps

In the Spotlight with T1D – Driver Ryan Reed, NFL player Chad Muma, and actress Mary Mouser

Meet three young adults who are all in the spotlight AND have type 1 diabetes. NFL player Chad Muma, actor Mary Mouser, and professional race car driver Ryan Reed took part in a panel discussion at this summer’s Friends for Life conference. The moderator is CNN correspondent Oren Liebermann, who also lives with T1D. I…

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