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Disney World Characters

The Magic of Disney, with Type 1 Diabetes (Classic Episode)

A Disney vacation can seem overwhelming, even without diabetes. Add T1D to the mix and going to Disney World or Disneyland seems like it may not be worth the stress. This Classic Episode has great tips and advice to have fun without slowing down (much) at the Disney Parks. Stacey is joined by Disney expert…

"summer camp" written out in chalk

Going to “Regular” Sleepaway Camp with Type 1 Diabetes

Let’s talk about summer camp! Specifically non-diabetes sleepaway camp. We have a great roundtable to tackle a subject that can seem pretty scary but Stacey thinks is one of the best things she’s ever done for her son. Joining Stacey are  Shelby Hughes who live with type 1 and has sent her daughter with T1D…

Jeremy Larsen

“Just go!” – Jeremy Larsen Travels the World with Type 1 Diabetes (Classic Episode)

We can’t wait to travel again! Looking back on this episode really makes you want to hit the road. Jeremy Larsen is an American currently living in Japan but he’s traveled the world. Jeremy started the 70-130 project (the “perfect” blood sugar range) to show that type 1 diabetes shouldn’t hold anyone back from travel.…

Stacey Simms and Moira McCarthy pictured

Ask the D-Moms: A Dad’s Worry, First Jobs, Teen Travel

Moira McCarthy and Stacey are back to answer your D-parenting questions! This time around, they’re talking about a dad who’s a first responder and sees the emergency side of diabetes, advice for young adults with T1D getting their first jobs and questions about teens with diabetes traveling abroad. In our Innovations segment – a new…

Sebastien Sasseville running

Up Everest, Through the Sahara, Across Canada – Extreme Athlete Sebastien Sasseville (Classic Episode)

Sebastien Sasseville has an incredible track record of athletic accomplishments. He’s climbed Mt Everest, finished six Ironman races and completed the brutal Sahara ultramarathon. In 2014 Sebastien ran across Canada – the equivalent of 170 marathon in nine months – to raise awareness for diabetes. He was diagnosed with type 1 as a young adult.…

The Useless Pancreas: A New Place to Find Type 1 Diabetes Products

 There are a lot of terrific small businesses creating products to help with diabetes management. We’ve seen families with 3-D printers making insulin vial cases, people who’ve come up with better ways to make your CGM stick to your body, and  creative clothing with places for pumps. What if you could search through those products…

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