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Raising a child with type 1 diabetes is full of challenges, but you are not alone! Join the honest and witty Stacey Simms for real-life stories of T1D parenting. Stacey’s son was diagnosed just before he turned two. He’s now in high school! In her new book, Stacey shares how mistakes and mishaps can actually be a diabetes parent’s secret superpower.

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“I Can’t Imagine Any Place More Special” – Diabetes Camp Goes Virtual

Diabetes camp is looking very different this summer as almost every program has shifted to a virtual experience. We talk to the people behind Clara Barton Camp, one of the oldest and well-established D-Camps in the country. Sam Stevens was diagnosed at age 5 and went to Clara Barton that very summer. She says she…

“A First Look Under The Hood” – Control IQ Studies & What’s Next From Tandem

Tandem presented new studies at the recent ADA conference and got approval for some of the youngest people with diabetes to use their newest tech. Steph Habif is Tandem’s Senior Director of Behavioral Sciences. She shares what those studies found, gives us more information about Control IQ and touches on what products are up next…

“As Interoperable As Possible” – Talking to Dexcom CTO Jake Leach

Digging deeper into recent news from and about Dexcom. Stacey talks to Chief Technology Officer Jake Leach about the news that competitor Abbott has received approval for it’s Libre 2 CGM. What does that mean for the marketplace? She also asks Jake about G6 sensor issues, data gathering and more. Check out Stacey’s new book:…

“A Little Bigger Than a Nickel” – What’s Next From Dexcom?

Dexcom is featured in a lot of headlines coming out of this year’s just-completed ADA Scientific Sessions. Stacey talks to CEO Kevin Sayer about everything from how COVID has impacted the G7 timeline, what the G7 will actually feature, adhesive changes and more. She asks why Europe got approval for back of arm placement and…

“You Can Either Help Us or Understand We’ll Do It Anyway.” One Couple’s Story in the DIY Diabetes Movement

Melissa and Kevin Lee played an important role in what we know now as NightScout and the DIY movement.  Their interest was initially sparked because they wanted to have children. Melissa lives with type 1 and Kevin has an engineering background. They jumped in with many other “hackers” to create what we know now as…

“Don’t Judge Yourself, Everything You’re Feeling is Normal” – Managing Stress With T1D

 If you’re feeling extraordinary stress because of events in the news, you’re not alone. This week, Stacey talks to Dr. Mark Heyman about simple things people with diabetes can do to manage better (and give themselves a break). Dr. Heyman is a diabetes psychologist and the Founder and Director of the Center for Diabetes and…

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Behind the Scenes with Stacey

Stacey Simms is the host and producer of Diabetes Connections. She’s also an author, speaker, and voice-over artist. Stacey spent more than 20 years in local TV and radio broadcasting, mostly working very early morning hours.

Stacey’s been sharing her family’s story with type 1 diabetes since her son’s diagnosis in 2006. Read her blog, find speaker reviews and audio samples at our partner website.

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