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Raising a child with type 1 diabetes is full of challenges, but you are not alone! Join the honest and witty Stacey Simms for real-life stories of T1D parenting. Stacey’s son was diagnosed just before he turned two. He’s now in high school! In her new book, Stacey shares how mistakes and mishaps can actually be a diabetes parent’s secret superpower.

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Living with T1D is a Marathon: Why Run One With It?

Diabetes nurse practitioner Michael Greenberg just ran the New York City Marathon – his first marathon – with Beyond Type Run, a group of people with type 1 diabetes fund raising and training together. Find out more about Stacey’s New Book: The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom Michael shares advice about running and training with T1D,…

Country Star Eric Paslay: Rocking On the Road With T1D

Country Star Eric Paslay is on his Nice Guy Tour right now, performing around the US and the world. He talks to Stacey about managing type 1 diabetes on the road. Learn more and buy Stacey’s new book “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom” Stacey & Eric also nerd out on podcasting a little bit.. he…

Christina Martin: An American Ninja Warrior With Type 1

Christina Martin is the first women with type 1 to compete on American Ninja Warrior. She got into the competition on her first try and made sure to wear her pump and CGM during the run. She even pointed them out for the camera! Watch Christina’s audition video here Learn more about Stacey’s New book!…

“The Truth About Insulin Prices” (Bonus Minisode)

Patients for Affordable Drugs has released a new report all about insulin pricing. Stacey has a quick mini-episode to explain what’s in the report and how you can influence change. Read the report here Learn about Stacey’s new book! Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group! Sign up for our newsletter here —– Use this link…

Ask the D-Moms: Handling the Holidays With Type 1 Diabetes

This week the D-Moms are talking about the holidays. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it can be stressful, not just because of well meaning family but for many people who are facing their first thanksgiving with type 1. Find out more about Stacey’s new book! Moira and Stacey answer your questions about food,…

All About GVOKE, The New Stable Glucagon (Bonus Episode)

Recently, the FDA approved the very first stable liquid glucagon, brand name GVOKE, and as it’s showing up in pharmacies and becoming more available, we wanted to learn more about it. After all these years.. it’s amazing how we suddenly have two new options on the market. The orange or red box glucagon most of…

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Behind the Scenes with Stacey

Stacey Simms is the host and producer of Diabetes Connections. She’s also an author, speaker, and voice-over artist. Stacey spent more than 20 years in local TV and radio broadcasting, mostly working very early morning hours.

Stacey’s been sharing her family’s story with type 1 diabetes since her son’s diagnosis in 2006. Read her blog, find speaker reviews and audio samples at our partner website.

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