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Raising a child with type 1 diabetes is full of challenges, but you are not alone! Join the honest and witty Stacey Simms for real-life stories of T1D parenting. Stacey’s son was diagnosed just before he turned two. He’s now in high school! In her new book, Stacey shares how mistakes and mishaps can actually be a diabetes parent’s secret superpower.

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Dr. Natalie Strand: Chronic Pain, Type 1 Diabetes & Looking Back at “The Amazing Race”

Dr. Nat Strand is an anesthesiologist who lives with type 1 and a mom of two young children. She just contributed to a paper all about pain management guidelines in this difficult time, when many people can’t see their doctors to face to face. You also may know her as the winner The Amazing Race…

The World’s Worst “Book to Clinic” Program!

Earlier this year, I spoke to a terrific group that gave me a great idea. The Maine P-PODS (Parents and Providers of Diabetic Children) invited me to talk about being The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom. As many groups do, in lieu of a speaker’s fee, they bought books to give away at the event. As…

“Stargirl” actor Brec Bassinger Talks Type 1 Diabetes and More

There’s a new superhero coming to the popular CW network lineup. Stargirl features actor Brec Bassinger, who lives with type 1 diabetes. We first spoke to Brec a couple of years ago, just after her run on Nickelodeon’s “Bella and the Bulldogs.” She shares what’s changed with her diabetes management since then, advice about speaking…

Where Was Your Diabetes in 2015? A Look Back After 300 Episodes

We started the show in Summer of 2015. This week, Stacey takes a look back at what was happening in diabetes technology at that time. Tandem had just announced you’d be able to upgrade without getting a new pump, Dexcom gave up on the Share cradle an Bigfoot & Beyond Type 1 were just coming…

Chris Wilson: Helping People With Diabetes Stay Connected On Facebook & Beyond

Chris Wilson helps run some of the largest diabetes technology groups on Facebook. He’s also always on the lookout for the latest news from these companies and very involved in clinical trials. Chris also shares his diagnosis story, inside scoop on Facebook groups and even talks about bowling in sandals. Yikes. Check out Stacey’s new…

Fighting COVID-19 When You Have Type 1 Diabetes

What happens when you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 and you live with type 1 diabetes? It happened to Patric Ciervo in early March. Patric shares his story, including how his diabetes reacted, hospital issues with people who don’t really understand insulin pumps and how he’s doing now. In Tell Me Something Good, a familiar name in…

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Behind the Scenes with Stacey

Stacey Simms is the host and producer of Diabetes Connections. She’s also an author, speaker, and voice-over artist. Stacey spent more than 20 years in local TV and radio broadcasting, mostly working very early morning hours.

Stacey’s been sharing her family’s story with type 1 diabetes since her son’s diagnosis in 2006. Read her blog, find speaker reviews and audio samples at our partner website.

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