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Photos of Omnipod 5, Libre system and Medtronic 670G

In the News.. Medtronic safety alert, Omnipod 5 in Europe, T1D Index launched and more!

It’s In the News! This week’s top diabetes headlines and stories include: cybersecurity risk cited for some Medtronic pumps, Omnipod 5 gets European approval, new data about the Freestyle Libre and avoiding hospitalizations, the new T1D Index and more! Check out Stacey’s book: The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom! Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group! Sign…

A screen shot of a Loop control panel and a women researcher with computer imagery

“I think it’s just the beginning” – A new way to test DIY pump systems from UVA

Researchers at UVA recently published a study called Design and Validation of an Open-Source Closed-Loop Testbed for Artificial Pancreas Systems. They say what they’ve set up here is quote – a valid tool that can be used by the research community to demonstrate the effectiveness of different control algorithms and safety features for APS, automated…

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In the News…. Screening kids for diabetes, New shot for T2D, 92 years old with T1D and more!

It’s In the News! This week’s top diabetes headlines and stories include: with more cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in US kids, researchers look into whether more screenings should take place. There’s a new injectable on the market that some studies show can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in overweight…

Doug Scalia after a run with Beyond type Run branding around him, includes a red frame

25 Marathons, One World Series of Poker, and 23 Years of T1D: Meet Doug Scalia

Doug Scalia has completed 25 marathons in 15 states. He’s about to add three more to his list, including the New York City Marathon as part of a team of people with type 1. He knows it sounds like an impossible feat for many, but he says anyone can do it! Doug was diagnosed as…

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In the News.. Islet cell implant update, BG check with radio waves, preschool T1D detection & more!

It’s in the news! The top stories and headlines around the diabetes community this week include: A new way to sneak islet cells into the body without needing immunosuppressive drugs, routinely checking young children for T1D markets before symptoms show up, a non invasive way to measure blood glucose uses Radio Frequency, a DIY movement…

A young woman points to the Omnipod 5 device on her arm

Omnipod 5: Answering your questions about “real world” use

Omnipod 5 was approved earlier this year and just rolled out to a wider release. So how is the first tubeless automated insulin delivery system doing in the real world? We put together a panel of early adopters and got their feedback. That was great, but it brought up quite a few questions, so we…

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Stacey Simms is back with more heartfelt stories and honest advice about raising a happy, healthy child with type 1 diabetes. Stacey’s son was diagnosed just before he turned two. He’s in his senior year of high school now! In her sequel to the award winning “World’s Worst Diabetes Mom,” Stacey takes on the challenge of giving a child with diabetes more independence while keeping them safe and happy. It’s not easy, but you are not alone!

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Behind the Scenes with Stacey

Stacey Simms is the host and producer of Diabetes Connections. She’s also an author, speaker, and voice-over artist. Stacey spent more than 20 years in local TV and radio broadcasting, mostly working very early morning hours.

Stacey’s been sharing her family’s story with type 1 diabetes since her son’s diagnosis in 2006. Read her blog, find speaker reviews and audio samples at our partner website.

Photo of Stacey Simms during an interview

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