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Moms' Night Out - January 20-21, 2023 - Charlotte, NC

Treat yourself to some time away with other moms who get it! Stacey is hosting a brand new event for moms of children with diabetes.  More here:

JDRF Type One Nation Summit - Greensboro, NC - Feb 25, 2023

Stacey will lead a breakout session called “Reframe your diabetes brain”

Thriveabetes - Dublin Ireland - May 6, 2023

More info to come about Stacey’s trip to Ireland. Conference info here:

She Podcasts Live! - Washington, DC - June 19-22, 2023

Stacey will be speaking about ethical podcast monetization. Event details:

American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions - San Diego - June 23-26, 2023

Stacey will be providing coverage of news and info that comes out of this annual conference:

Friends for Life Orlando - July 4-9th 2023

Stay tuned for more!

Diabetes Connections presents: Moms' Night Out Frisco - October 13-14, 2023

Join us in Frisco, Texas and hang out with amazing moms of kids with diabetes

Diabetes Connections presents: Moms' Night Out Providence - October 27-28, 2023

Join us in Providence, RI and hang out with amazing moms of kids with diabetes


bring Stacey to your event to speak on these topics (and more)!

Diabetes Connections - Why We Need Them, How to Make Them

Attending a JDRF Summit or other conference is wonderful, but what happens when you return back to your regular routine? Stacey Simms explains the importance of “in real life” connections, and how to find and make them. Applies to parents of children with type 1 diabetes as well as adults with type 1.

The Blessing of a Missed Bolus - raising an independent child with T1D

Balancing independence with good diabetes care and mental health is one of the toughest things parents have to do. But embracing this challenge can result in a happy and healthy child who still has a great relationship with their parents. Stacey will share stories and “been-there” advice to explain how she and her husband went from doing everything for their newly diagnosed two year old, to being hands off by senior year of high school.

(* the title of this presentation is a riff on one of my favorite parenting books: The Blessing of a Skinned Knee by Dr. Wendy Mogel)

Reframe Your Diabetes Brain

Let’s talk about when things go wrong. Perfection is not an option when it comes to managing T1D. Even so, it’s easy to feel like a failure. Instead of blaming yourself, learn to reframe what happened. Stacey will use real-life examples & humor to help turn what you think of as failures into positive learning experiences. Applies to parents of children with type 1 diabetes as well as adults with type 1.

Using CGM Remote Monitoring to thrive (without losing your mind)

A CGM is an incredible tool, but some studies show that parents who remote monitoring their children get less sleep and have more stress than they did before using CGM. Stacey will show you how asking a few simple questions will help you use remote monitoring to thrive with diabetes. Applies to parents of children with type 1 diabetes and caregivers and partners of people with diabetes who use CGM


Going to "Regular" Sleepaway or Day Camp with Diabetes

How can you prepare your child for success at camp or overnight programs that are not just for kids with diabetes? Stacey will share what’s worked for her family – her son has spent a month in Israel and 8 weeks as a counselor in training, both with non-diabetes programs. She’ll explain what to look for to see if your camp’s staff is ready, what you can do to make it easier on everyone and the benefits of camp, including diabetes camp. Applies to parents of children with type 1 diabetes

Wait Wait Don’t Poke Me, The Diabetes Game Show

Based on the long-running NPR game show, Stacey will create and conduct a fun round of games all based on diabetes trivia. This presentation will need a few participants (no preparation is needed on their part). Often recorded for a future podcast episode.