Abbott gives us an update on their flash glucose monitor, the FreeStyle Libre. Stacey talks to Principal Clinical Research Manager Tim Dunn who’s been working on CGM technology for 20 years.

Stacey mentions “hacks” for the Libre: read more here

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In our Community Connection segment, how NC State is stepping up to make changes for students with diabetes. Stacey talks to Lisa Eberhart, a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator who serves as NC State Dining’s director of nutrition and wellness as well as the dining hall manager, Jaelyn Phelps, who lives with type 1.

And in Know Better, we’ll take a look at the new standalone CGM from Medtronic. Good article from DiabetesMine here.


2:00 Stacey welcome. Should you leave your T1D kids at sports practice without a parent?

6:30 Interview with Tim Dunn from Abbott

28:30 Community Connection: Interview with NC State’s Lisa Eberhart & Jaelyn Phelps

45:00 Know Better: Medtronic’s standalone CGM

49:30 Stacey finishes the story about how her family handles sports and T1D without a parent present and explains more about leaving her kids alone for the day while she went to a JDRF conference.

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