This week: OpenAPS, Looping, Happ – a bunch of weird sounding terms that are changing the way many manage diabetes.  Tim Street has lived with type 1 for 28 years, he writes a blog called Diabettech. Tim talks about the DIY systems out there right now (he’s tried almost all of them) and about all the new choices for people with diabetes available now an in the next few years. Lots of conversation in this show about the “art of the possible.”


It’s also Diabetes Podcast Week! This is the second year of Stacey’s campaign to bring together podcasters and video bloggers to benefit Spare a Rose, Save a Child. Diabetes in developing countries can be a death sentence. This Valentine’s day, considering donating the cost of just one rose. That can keep a child with type 1 alive for a month. A dozen roses? That cost can cover a year. Spare a Rose benefits Life for a Child, an International Diabetes Federation Program.