Big news for Abbott, the makers of the FreeStyle Libre. This summer the FDA okayed a shorter warmup and a longer wear for the glucose monitor. Stacey talks to Tim Dunn, Abbott’s Director of Clinical research. They talk about the challenge of longer wear, the practical info you need to know if you use the Libre, and a look down the road as they partner with companies like Bigfoot.

Plus, a protest planned at the end of the month – all about affordable insulin. We’ll explain how you can help even if you can’t be there in person. Information from T1International here.

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1:30 Stacey Welcome

4:30 Interview with Tim Dunn

40:30 #Insulin4All Protest information

43:00 Stacey upcoming events & shares why in-person connection is important. She talks about the first time she and Benny met a little boy who wore an insulin pump and what a difference that made for them.

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