Lawmakers are starting to take a closer look at the price of insulin.  Nevada became the first to pass a law last summer regarding transparency and Colorado may soon do the same. Stacey talks to Colorado State Representative Dylan Roberts about the bill he’s put forward and how it could change things. He also shares his very personal connection to type 1.

In our Community Connection this week, adventurer and solo sailor Erin Spineto takes on a new challenge. She’s making a comedy web series about T1D? We’ll explain what A Bad Case is all about.

And Know Better this week about efforts to make the the Omnipod system part of the open source artificial pancreas project.

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3:40 Catching up on previous guests: Stacey talks about the Diabulimia conference happening this November and announces that fitness coach Christel Oerum has become an American Citizen!

6:00 Interview with Rep. Dylan Roberts

26:00 Interview with Erin Spineto

36:30 Stacey talks about OpenOmni efforts


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