Organize Your Diabetes Supplies!

Top tips to conquer the clutter

Diabetes supplies organized in a drawer

Diabetes supplies taking over your pantry or medicine cabinet? Our guide will have you organized and clutter-free in no time. We’ve got expert and crowd-sourced advice to organize what you need, where to donate the extra, and how to keep it all straight going forward.

This guide covers:

  • Getting started (the hardest part!)

  • Taking inventory

  • Creating systems to sort & store

  • Choosing the right containers & storage

  • …and more!

About Stacey Simms and Diabetes Connections

Stacey Simms serves the diabetes community with a weekly news and interview show – think NPR’s “Fresh Air” but for people who use insulin. After her son was diagnosed with T1D in 2006 a month before he turned 2, she started blogging about her family’s experience. She launched the award-winning Diabetes Connections podcast in 2015, educating and inspiring audiences with stories of connection through Type 1. The podcast now has more than 1,000,000 downloads. Stacey’s 2019 book, “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom” is a memoir of her parenting philosophy of “not perfect, but safe and happy”. Stacey was named Diabetes Forecast Magazine “12 People to Know,” and honored as one of “Forty Under 40” by the Charlotte Business Journal. Stacey lives near Charlotte, NC with her husband, two children, and Freckles, the dog.