Jason Gensler has the unique experience of being one of the longest users of one of the newest insulin pumps. He started in a pivotal trial of the Medtronic 670G two years ago and has been allowed to keep using it ever since. Jason shares his misgivings about going back to Medtronic; he had a bad experience with a previous pump and sensor. He also talks about why he feels this system is revolutionary and has given him a new way of looking at managing T1D.

This interview is the first we’re sharing that was not conducted by Stacey. Jason is interviewed by Weston Nordren, Vice President of the Nightscout Foundation and Community Outreach for the Foundation. It was originally presented as a video (you can watch here)

Note: Jason Gensler does NOT work for Medtronic and is not compensated by them. He did not pay for the pump/sensor system as he received it as part of a clinical trial.