Best-selling author and radio host Kurt Anderson is out with a blockbuster book, “Fantasyland, How America Went Haywire, a 500 year history.” You may have seen him on the cover of The Atlantic Magazine and all over cable news this month. But you may not know he lives with type 1 diabetes.

Stacey and Kurt talk about Fantasyland, as well as his other books like the fictional True Believers, where the main character has type 1.

Our Community Connection calls attention to the heroes of the T1D relief efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey (Listen to our full episode here and find links to help/information)

In Shoptalk this week, hear about a brand new product. It’s called InPen and it aims to give people who use shots the same calculations & ease of use as people who use pumps. Stacey talks to Tony Galliani from Companion Medical about the product and the company.


8:50 Interview with Kurt Andersen

50:00 “Shoptalk” with InPen’s Tony Galliani


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