Eversense system, News anchor Darrell Greene with medical staff

Darrell Greene is one of the first people to try Eversense, the implantable long-term CGM from Senseonics. With Eversense, a doctor places the sensor in the upper arm where it stays for three months. More information here.

Darrell explains what the experience is like, how the sensor feels under the skin and shares his story of living with T1D since his early 20s. Darrell is a local news anchor in Memphis, Tennessee and has some fun stories to share about working in the industry.

Watch the video of Darrell and his doctor explaining Eversense. Darrell even taped the procedure!

Our Know Better segment this week features information about Lilly’s faster acting insulin, moving along through the aptly named PRONTO studies.

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1:30 Stacey welcome – information about the podcast on YouTube

5:15 Interview with Darrell Greene

49:00 Information on Lilly’s faster insulin – Pronto Studies


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