Dexcom’s Senior US Medical Director, Tomas Walker, talks to Stacey in a wide-ranging interview. Walker addresses everything from the features of the new G6 system recently submitted to the FDA, changes to the way the adhesive is created (which may have ease skin issues for some) to the news that Dexcom has partnered with Lilly as the insulin maker enters the diabetes device market. 

Plus, in our Shoptalk segment, learn about the Genteel lancing device. Stacey talks to Dr. Christopher Jacobs the device inventor and company founder.

Helpful video Stacey mentioned about the Genteel (thanks, Aaron Johnson!)

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2:30 Stacey explains the new Dexcom-Lilly partnership

5:20 Stacey talks about next year and asks for your holiday stories

8:10 Interview with Dexcom’s Tomas Walker

38:10 Thanks to listener Richard for some great info!

39:30 Shoptalk segment with Dr. Christopher Jacobs


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