Our monthly Dear D-Mom segment is back! Moira McCarthy & Stacey take on travel, talking about cure research with our children, and words like “sneaky” and “compliance.”

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In our Community Connection – An update on Lilly’s announcement about a generic, lower cost insulin. Learn more here

And Tell Me Something Good! A baritone gets a big honor.

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1:30 Stacey Welcome – Stacey talks about her wedding anniversary and about traveling to Syracuse recently for her college radio station reunion.

5:45 Stacey & Moira answer your parenting questions

49:15 Lilly’s lower-cost insulin

54:15 Tell me something good: Baritone Thomas Glass wins First Place at the Rocky Mountain Region of the Metropolitan Opera National Council. Glass was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of five. Here’s the article from 2/18 that Stacey mentioned

58:00 Stacey shares a story from Benny for the “podcast people.”

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