After ten weeks and more than 4000 miles, 20 riders with type 1 diabetes completed their epic journey from New York to California. In this episode, hear the heart-pounding and emotional Bike Beyond finish and listen to the man who started it all talk about what the event has meant to him. We also catch up with several riders during a rest day a few days before the finish. Those interviews took place while they were relaxing in a hot tub (a first for our show)!

Stacey also talks about the great people behind the Real Life Diabetes Podcast and shares events she’s traveling to in the next few weeks.

Find out more about supporting Bike Beyond so that Beyond Type 1 can continue to fund diabetes programs (listed here)

Time Codes:

8:30 Bike Beyond finish line and front tire “dip”

12:30 Walt Drennan speaks about finally feeling “normal.”

Six Bike Beyond riders talk about the trip:

18:15 Perri Silverheart

22:00 Abbey Brau

29:30 Matt Swain

34:50 Sid Sharma

39:00 Cassidy Robinson

45:30 Jesse Lavine

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