A bonus episode this week to get the word out about Banting’s Ghost. Stephen Richert is a photographer and film maker who was diagnosed with type 1 at age 16. His website and project Living Vertical is a way to document his adventures and share his family’s story. Now, Stephen is working on a new project: documenting the insulin access crisis in America.

Named after Sir Frederick Banting, one of the researchers who discovered insulin in 1923 and sold his share of the patent for $1, Banting’s Ghost is a way to document the people who are struggling. Stephen is looking for funding – you can learn more and donate here.

The deadline for the first phase of funding is June 30th, which is why we’re pushing out this bonus episode.  If you’re hearing this episode after June 30th, please check out the links anyway to stay up to date with the project and how you may still be able to help.

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