Advice from the diabetes parents you know and love! Stacey and Moira McCarthy answer your questions in our new monthly segment: Ask the D-Moms.

This week, talking to your child without nagging. Is it possible? We also answer questions about discipline, babysitting and letting go when it really scares you.

Plus, it’s Diabetes Podcast Week so I’ll be sharing some other great shows and letting you know how you can help a the Spare a Rose Campaign, which benefits Life for Child.

And Tell Me Something Good! A proud husband shares news and a college student takes on diabetes myths in media.

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This podcast is not intended as medical advice. If you have those kinds of questions, please contact your health care provider.


1:40 Stacey welcome:

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Diabetes Daily Grind Real Life Podcast – The Hot-Tub Episode

8:45 Ask the D-Moms: Moira & Stacey answer your questions

42:00 Community Connection: Diabetes Podcast Week to benefit Spare a Rose – Life for a Child

45:30 Tell Me Something Good! Steve Tornambe writes in that he’s proud of his wife for bringing her A1C down signfiicnatly (and he’s happy his insurance finay covered the Dexcom G5). And we found out that former guest Courtney Gale’s research paper/proposal on Hollywood’s Perceptions of Diabetes was selected for the Eastern Communication Association Conference. It’s titled “Diabetes in the Media: How Hollywood is Causing Miseducation.”

Listen to our previous episode about College with Courtney and her mom here. 

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