A Diabetes Connections Extra, all about Ketones. This is the third in our series taking a deep dive into a diabetes management issue.

Note: This episode is set up like a Bonus Episode, with none of the regular segments – the interview about Ketones is the entire episode. We’re back to our regular set up next week.

Ketones are the byproducts of the breakdown of fatty acids. The breakdown of fat for fuel and the creation of ketones is a normal process for everyone. In a person without diabetes, insulin, glucagon, and other hormones prevent ketone levels in the blood from getting too high. But.. with diabetes it’s a whole other story.

Stacey goes in-depth with Certified Diabetes Educator Beth Silvers. Beth is also a Registered Dietician and was diagnosed with type 1 herself at the age of 5 in 1962.

More info about Ketones:

Beyond Type 1

American Diabetes Association


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