Let’s get back to basics. We’re starting a new monthly series taking a look at the essential facts of diabetes. This week: insulin

Endocrinologist Bryce Nelson takes us through what it does, how it works and the differences among brands.

Dr. Nelson is also our community connection this week. A family member with type 1 guided his career choice and still serves as an inspiration.

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Plus.. Tell me something good! A middle school student came up with a design to help her grandfather get all the insulin – every drop – out of his pens. We’ll tell you about the prize winning “You Get It All” device


1:30 Stacey Welcome: Information about Diabetes Podcast Week

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6:00 Interview with Dr. Bryce Nelson

Basics of Insulin Info

More Info on Insulin Use

42:30 Community Connection: Dr. Nelson explained his uncle’s influence on his decision to study endocrinology.

Tell Me Something Good: The You Get it All Device

Stacey mentions the Children with Diabetes website.

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