Everything you need to know about sending your child to camp! This week, we talk about what parents need to think about, what the staff wants you to know and how to make it a great experience for everyone.

Dr. Henry Anhalt is a pediatric endocrinologist who works at Camp Nejeda, which has been hosting kid with diabetes for more than 50 years.  You’ll also hear from Victoria Benyo who started out as a camper and now works at camp.

In our Community Connection this week, Stacey talks about camp scholarships and shares some good information about helping pay for diabetes camp

ADA Camp Scholarship Info


Project Blue November Camp Lists

And.. tell me something good! A one year diaversary celebrated with a powerful picture and a ninja gets his big chance.

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1:30 Stacey welcome – she talks about her family’s experience with camp and talks about some adult D-camp programs.

5:40 Interview with Dr. Henry Anhalt & Victoria Benyo about Diabetes Camp

50:30 Community Connection: Diabetes Camp Scholarship Info

53:00 Tell Me Something Good: we celebrate Noelia’s one year diaversary (check out the picture!) and Colt Scott will compete on America Ninja Warriors after testing the courses for 4 years. Stacey shares why Colt has already made a difference to her family.  Use this link to get one free download and one free month of Audible, available to Diabetes Connections listeners!  —– Sign up for our newsletter here Get the App and listen to Diabetes Connections wherever you go!

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