Get the most out of your Continuous Glucose Monitor. Certified Diabetes Educator Gary Scheiner joins Stacey to talk about all the CGMs available in the United States. 

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Gary heads up Integrated Diabetes Services, is the author of many books including, Think Like A Pancreas and was the 2014 AADE CDE of the Year. This interview is an excerpt – the full interview with Gary can be found in the bonus episode immediately following.

In our Community Connection this week, diabetes camp for grownups – why should the kids have all the fun?! A look at some of the programs available including Camp Nejeda’s Survive and Thrive, Beyond Type 1 Slip Streams and TCOYD’s One Retreat.

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And in Tell Me Something Good, some diabetes camp memories, more than a generation later. And a big award for a kid who doesn’t have type 1 but supports her friends who do. —–

1:30 Stacey Welcome – she shares her experience filling out diabetes camp forms. A lot has changed since Benny started at camp 8 years ago!

6:55 Interview with Gary Scheiner

36:00 Community Connection: Diabetes Camps for Grownups

40:00 TSMG: Ariel Flur wins a Blumey Award! Her father was featured on the show back in 2016 for riding in the ADA Tour de Cure.  And a former camper at Camp Nejeda shares his childhood experience with Stacey. Jim Kutudis even sent us pictures! Check out the FB group for more.  Use this link to get one free download and one free month of Audible, available to Diabetes Connections listeners!  —– Get the App and listen to Diabetes Connections wherever you go! Click here for iPhone      Click here for Android