Get the most out of your Continuous Glucose Monitor. Certified Diabetes Educator Gary Scheiner joins Stacey to talk about all the CGMs available in the United States. An excerpt of this interview ran in episode 229. We go further in depth on more issues around CGM and discuss more advice.

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Gary is the founder of Integrated Diabetes Services, the author of many books including, Think Like A Pancreas and was the 2014 AADE CDE of the Year. This is the full interview with Gary. You can find an excerpt in the previous episode.

Here’s Gary’s formula for getting your A1C and beating your endo at the bet he jokes about.

Start with your CGM average glucose for 30 days. Multiply by 1.03. Then add 46.7. Then divide by 28.7 to get your A1C.

To do the reverse and find out your estimated average glucose, The American Diabetes Association has a handy A1c-to-eAG calculator:


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