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Happy Thanksgiving! However you celebrate, holidays and food can be a stressful combination. This week, you’ll hear from a round table of adults with type 1, and one parent of a child with type 1, about the pitfalls of Thanksgiving and about ways to make it work. Great advice, tons of understanding and a lot of laughter.

Shoptalk this week includes a company called TempraMed. They make a product called Vivi, which can keep your insulin cold. We also talk to Drawn from Valor, an animation studio that’s working on a great diabetes story called “Kara and the (not so) Dire Beastie.”


3:20 Stacey talks about Mike Lawson’s “How to Eat Dinner with a Diabetic” video. 

4:35 Stacey talks about an upcoming appearance where she’ll be talking about Social Media. Has Facebook helped you thrive with diabetes or has it been harmful?

8:00 Thanksgiving Roundtable with Kim Hislop, Mike Barry, Jennifer Christianson and Nia Grant.

46:20 Stacey shares the “dancing taco” story from when she was a young broadcaster working on Thanksgiving.

49:45 Shoptalk with TempraMed’s Ron Nagar

54:00 Shoptalk with Todd Silverstein from Drawn from Valor


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