He’s lived with type 1 for more than 56 years and was one of the first people ever to use an insulin pump and later a CGM. In fact, Yerachmiel Altman was one of the first people to make the switch from two shots a day to what we now call multiple daily injections (MDI) almost 40 years ago. Altman is an engineer and computer scientist who worked for d-tech companies. Now, he wants to help educate kids and adults about living with type 1 through books and games.

We talk about “The Moose and the Pump,” “I Can Help Take Care of Me,” and Altman’s concept for a board game, Insulinopoly. He also shares the changes he’s seen in technology over the years and his hope for the future.

Also this week, Noah’s March is at an end. We first met this family when they set off from florida to Washington, crossing the country for diabetes awareness and to raise money for research.

Plus, if you’re thinking about those New Year’s resolutions, find out how Diabetes Strong can help you start 2018 off in a great way.

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2:30 Stacey explains the podcast is now available on Spotify and goes through other ways to listen.

5:00 Stacey talks about Diabetes Strong and how to sign up for the January challenge

6:30 Stacey announces the Dexcom #WarriorUp charity campaign raises $100,000 for diabetes charities

8:05 Interview with Yerachmiel Altman

33:15 Interview with Noah’s March


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