Dana Lewis first created #DIYPS in December 2013, just so she could better hear her her continuous glucose monitor (CGM) alarms better. Since that time Dana, and many other diabetes tech pioneers, have pushed forward with the Open Artificial Pancreas System. 5 years later we look at what Dana’s doing now and what she has in mind for the future.

Dana also shares what the FDA and healthcare companies can learn from the do it yourself community. We also talk about what holds back many people (like Stacey) from jumping it DIY diabetes tech and why Dana says we shouldn’t let our fears stop us.

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In our Know Better segment, Stacey shares a new study about about emotions and stacking insulin, and we explain what “stacking” means when it come to diabetes and dosing.

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1:25 Stacey welcome

2:45 Find out more about our Alexa skill and please leave a review!

4:45 Interview with Dana Lewis


Listen to Stacey’s 2013 interview with Dana here

51:00 Know Better segment: All about emotional bolusing

59:00 Where will Stacey be?

April: Touched by Type 1  

May: Lilly Blogger Summit

May: JDRF One Challenge with Riding on Insulin

July: Children with Diabetes Friends for Life


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