Weston Nordgren is the Vice President of the Nightscout Foundation, and Community Liaison for CGM in the Cloud worldwide. Behind those titles is quite a story. We talk to Wes about his son’s diagnosis as an infant, their family’s journey to find solutions and the power of the #WeAreNotWaiting community.

Wes recently represented the CGM in the Cloud Facebook group at an exclusive international Facebook conference. He shares what he learned there and talks about his son’s experience with Looping and on the new Medtronic hybrid closed loop pump. We also mention OpenAPS.

In our shoptalk segment, no more chalky glucose tabs? Chris Angell says he needed something better to treat his lows, so he created GlucoLift.

You’ll also hear a clip of Polaroid from Truck Stop Honey’s debut album. It’s a very personal story and song from previous guest Amanda Jo.

Ross Baker is another previous guest, Stacey calls him T1D’s Marathon Man. He is set to run in the Maui Marathon on October 15th, completing an incredible mission of running a marathon in every US state and Washington DC.

Find out more about Animas and their message to customers as they exit the insulin pump business.


3:30 Stacey talks about Truck Stop Honey, clip of Polaroid

5:30 Animas/One Touch mention

7:00 Stacey talks about Ross Baker & the Maui Marathon

10:00 Interview with Weston Nordgren of Nightscout/CGM in the Cloud #wearenotwaiting

1:01:30 Shoptalk with Chris Angell of GlucoLift


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