It’s our very first show on the road, taped in front of an audience. Nothing serious. In fact, it was a game show – with trivia questions, limericks and more! Play along at home and see how you stack up against our contestants.

Our panelists are: Rodney Miller, founder of Bolus and Barbells, Christel Aprigliano, founder of DPAC, Christopher Snider, Community Manager with Tidepool and our scorekeeper/announcer is Moira McCarthy author of Raising Teens with Diabetes

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1:15 Stacey Welcome

2:20 Wait Wait Don’t Poke Me – taped live at Friends for Life!

46:00 More information about the show – audio issues explained, Stacey explains some of the “inside jokes” during the show, including Scott Johnson of MySugr (he was sitting in the front row and we mentioned him a few times)


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