Stacey and the game show contestants

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Episode transcript (beta version – check back for proof read version)


Stacey Simms 0:00
Diabetes Connections is brought to you by Jeeva Chi popin the first premixed auto injector for very low blood sugar, and by dexcom take control of your diabetes and live life to the fullest with dexcom

Announcer 0:16
This is Diabetes Connections with Stacey Simms.

Stacey Simms 0:22
Welcome back to another week of the show. I am your host, Stacey Simms, we aim to educate and inspire about type 1 diabetes by sharing stories of connection, a different sort of episode this week, because this is one of our game shows. I do these periodically for live audiences, usually at conferences and that sort of thing. And this year, we have kind of like everybody repurposed things for virtual. And so this time around, it was friends for life and their virtual winter conference. A couple of quick things. If you prefer to watch this is on my YouTube channel for the show. It’s just Diabetes Connections over on YouTube, I will put a direct link in the show notes. And while it is kind of fun to watch these things, you don’t really miss that much just by listening. In the trivia section. I will say there are three questions that are show and tell. But I do describe what the guests are seeing. I think you’ll easily get it even if you’re just listening. As always contestants are selected at random from the Facebook group from Diabetes Connections, the group, so make sure to join me over there because we do this now a couple of times a year, especially with everything virtual and people on zoom. It’s so much easier to record these than in the past. I still really love doing it live and I hope to do that someday again soon. But in the meantime on with the show, recorded in November, and played at friends for life the first weekend of December 2020. Welcome everybody to wait, wait, don’t poke me the diabetes Game Show. If you have heard the NPR version of Wait, wait, don’t tell me. This is our version. So we apologize to NPR in advance. In this session, you are going to meet some terrific people living with diabetes or who have diabetes in their families who have gone above and beyond to help the community and we’re going to have a laugh or two, probably at their expense. Wait, wait, don’t poke me. We’ll feature trivia bluff the listener and much more. But before we get to the games, let’s get to our panelists. We’ll do a quick intro and then we will get started. So first let me bring in Justin Masterson. Justin Hi, I first met Justin, when we were talking on the podcast about his walk a mile cards and exercise and empathy, a teaching tool to help those with diabetes understand a little bit about what people with diabetes go through every day. Justin’s daughter was diagnosed with type one when she was five. She was diagnosed on her birthday. Yeah, he is in charge of strategy at seek a market research firm. Fell old is your daughter now just

Justin Masterson 2:55
she just turned 11. So her birthday was just a few days ago,

Stacey Simms 2:58
when she was really diagnosed on her birthday.

Justin Masterson 3:00
it well. She fell on her birthday, but we got there the next morning. So it was technically the day after but she’s now been six years and and living very well.

Stacey Simms 3:11
That’s awesome. All right. Well, we will hear more from you for sure. I want to bring in Lauren laning and Lauren is a familiar name and face to many people and friends for life. She’s been there usually at the first timers since the very first ffl in 2000. She used to run registration at the elementary program now she leads the moms and the first timers. Lauren’s daughter Monica was diagnosed in 96. And she has been I can say first and amazing at these muffle meetups. We’ve been doing boring. The muffled meetups have been awesome. Thank you. Oh, I

Lauren Lanning 3:45
love them. It’s great. It’s great being able to connect with the fit.

Stacey Simms 3:50
Yeah, so your daughter was diagnosed in the 90s. How was she doing now?

Lauren Lanning 3:54
She is doing great. She’s 20 she’ll be 27 in a couple weeks. And she’s at p in PA school at Stanford right now. Gotta brag. Wow.

Stacey Simms 4:04
Yeah, go for it. That’s awesome. And rounding out our panel is Chelsea rice. I Chelsea, he was diagnosed with type one as an adult at the age of 25. He’s been part of the diabetes community since I can remember. Chelsea is a stand up comedian who doesn’t just talk about diabetes, of course, but he has been honored by diabetes forecast Magazine as one of their people to know and he has brought much needed education and humor to groups like healthy voices and Chelsea, your you’ve really found a talent this year for making soap. I’ve been seeing all this beautiful soap.

Chelcie Rice 4:37
Yeah. I’ve been locked in the house for quite some time. And so, you know, you get stuck with the phone in your hand and you get started looking at YouTube is like, you know, you take a shower, like you make stuff. So it’s I mean, and that was like I and it’s something that I that I do, if I see something that I get interested in Figure out. How do you make it? So that’s how I even started. That’s how I started baking. barbecuing. All this stuff is just like I just, you know, try to figure out okay, how do I do this? And so it just, I just picked it up and is is really kind of easy. And the funny thing is when I started just posting pictures, I was like, hey, how can I buy something like you know what I put in his name? I’d be like, you don’t even know me.

Stacey Simms 5:29
The soap looks gorgeous knows. I actually thought it was I thought it was food when you were first.

Chelcie Rice 5:33
Yeah, no. That’s the funny thing about soap is like, I mean, people talk about it. Okay, I’ve joined some soap groups on Facebook.

Justin Masterson 5:45
That is such a quarantine thing to say. Yeah, join some soap groups on

Chelcie Rice 5:48
Facebook like and that’s the thing is like people were saying like, Okay, well, you know, people are quarantine now they’re at home and they learn how to cook more than like baking sourdough. Random like, wash your hands with sourdough. I can make them fortune over this. So

Stacey Simms 6:03
all right, well, as we move on here, you are each playing for a contestant who has been selected by random from the Diabetes Connections Facebook group. So let me tell you, who you are playing with and for and we thank them very much. So Michelle Briggs is playing with Justin. All right, Michelle. Yeah, fi Comstock is partnered with Chelsea. And Caitlyn states is with Lauren. So no pressure. But these very loyal wonderful podcast listeners are counting on you. Alright, Caitlin.

Unknown Speaker 6:40
money involved? Am I gonna, ya

Stacey Simms 6:43
know, hey, look, it’s all virtual be tough to get Oh, well, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 6:45
you know.

Stacey Simms 6:46
So we’re gonna start with trivia. And each of you has five questions. I’m going to know we’ll take one person at a time we’ll go through the questions. Don’t chime in with the answers. But feel free to chime in if you have a comment or something you’d like to add. Or if you have personal experience, these are all diabetes community questions. They’re not all about diabetes, which will become clear and write it Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s not, you’re not going to be judged. I also do have some show Intel because we’re at home in my office. So I thought why not? pull some stuff off the shelves and ask you about it. Alright, so we’re gonna start with Justin. Everybody ready? I would stare at the clock if I had one. But hopefully we’ll just we’ll we’ll just let you know when you’re at a time. All right. Our first question comes from the field of sports. NFL tight end Mike Moore. I’m already messing up. NFL tight and Mark Andrews has type one. And he plays for the Ravens. He keeps a strict diet around games reportedly eating for eggs before every game and the same kind of sandwich the day he plays. And the night before. This sandwich is a staple of school kids. What is it?

Unknown Speaker 7:57
Oh, man.

Justin Masterson 8:00
My school. We ate a lot of chicken fried steak and salsbury steak. I don’t think either of those qualify as sandwiches. I’m going to say it’s the school kid. It’s going to be a pb&j. I mean what’s better than a pb&j?

Stacey Simms 8:16
It is a PB and J and he says a lot of peanut butter. Not a lot of jelly. He prefers the complex carbs that come in. But I would think that the chicken fried steak is a complex something. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:30
It’s complex.

Chelcie Rice 8:32
Complex. There’s so many complex things that go in it. Yep, yep, yep.

Stacey Simms 8:36
All right. Excellent. All right. Next question. There is an eternal flame at Banting house, the Canadian National historical site where Sir Frederick Banting woke up in the middle of the night with the idea that led to the discovery of insulin. The flame is meant to burn until there is a cure for diabetes. It was lit by the Queen Mother. In what year? And this is multiple choice. Wow. 1979 1989 or 1999? I don’t think this was featured on the crown. So

Justin Masterson 9:07
it took it took him like 50 years to get this flame idea going.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
Oh yeah, well, at least Yeah.

Justin Masterson 9:15
I feel like it would be I feel like it would be in the 70s that feels like it was enough time to get the Queen Mother on board. I’m going to say 1979

Stacey Simms 9:23
incorrect. At 88 which I think is weird. I would have thought it was like 1959 but

Chelcie Rice 9:32
okay, was all the rage on MTV. So

Stacey Simms 9:36
I just finally figured out all the Elisabeth’s in the royal family because of the crown the Queen Mother and the Queen girl anyway. Okay. All right. This is a an entertainment question for you. So brec bassinger is the young actress who stars in the CW hit show star girl actually got great reviews. It’s been renewed for a second season. She lives with type one and her previous series was nickelodeons Bella and the Bulldogs and your daughter might have watched this. Maybe not. What sport did the Bulldogs play this whole show centered around this team? Was it football, baseball or soccer?

Justin Masterson 10:16
Sometimes my thinking sounds a lot like googling. Now, I’m gonna say it was a soccer team. It had to be the Bulldogs soccer game with

Stacey Simms 10:31
the quarterback. She was the quarterback.

Justin Masterson 10:36
Michelle, I’ll send you something nice in the mail. I’m just sorry.

Stacey Simms 10:40
Well, there’s a lot of game to go. There’s a lot of Don’t worry, don’t worry. All right. Um, here’s one. You know, I, I gave this answer away in the introduction. I don’t know how well everybody was listening. I do this sometimes. Alright, here’s the question. How old is the friends for life conference? I mean, what year of the conference? Is this year’s 2020? lorincz.

Unknown Speaker 11:07
Don’t say any. Okay.

Justin Masterson 11:10
1999. How about that?

Stacey Simms 11:15
Well, I’m gonna give it to you. Because it is the 21st year, but it started in 2000. Right. All right. But we’ll give it to you. We’ll give it to you. That was on the line that was on the line. Okay. And your last trivia question, or this is a show and tell. I hope I don’t get in trouble for this. We love all our sponsors. Okay. In in 2018. I don’t know how well you can see this. Yeah, in 2018. Can you see this? Okay. accucheck had a diabetes awareness campaign where they sent out these hands, promoted by country singer, Ben NRW. The idea was that you’d make the symbol, right. And you would upload a photo to your social media platform with this hashtag. And then their parent company would donate if they would donate a buck to diabetes, education and awareness. So here’s the symbol. What was the hashtag? Was it give a book about diabetes, Buck off diabetes or go buck diabetes?

Justin Masterson 12:16
I can’t believe any of those are true.

Unknown Speaker 12:19
I’m gonna read it again.

Stacey Simms 12:25
All right, we look at the answer in just a moment. What do you think it is? But first, Diabetes Connections is brought to you by Jeeva Kibo pen had almost everyone who takes insulin has experienced a low blood sugar and that can be scary. A very low blood sugar is really scary. That’s what tchibo Kupo pen comes in. Chibok is the first auto injector to treat very low blood sugar. chivo hypo pen is pre mixed and ready to go with no visible needle. That means it’s easy to use. How easy is it? You pull off the red cap and push the yellow end onto bare skin and hold it for five seconds. That’s it. Find out more go to Diabetes and click on the G book logo. g Vokes shouldn’t be used in patients with pheochromocytoma or insulinoma. Visit Chico slash risk. Now back to the game and Justin is trying to guess the buck hashtag

Justin Masterson 13:18
give a buck for diabetes buck off that diabetes or go buck

Stacey Simms 13:24
go buck diabetes.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
Oh my gosh.

Justin Masterson 13:29
I’m gonna say it was a buck off. Oh, hey, if those guys ever need some marketing consulting, tell them to give me a call. I think they might be on the wrong track from well,

Unknown Speaker 13:43

Stacey Simms 13:43
You do Chelsea?

Chelcie Rice 13:44
Yeah, I do remember that when I remember seeing is like are they really going with this one? That was

Stacey Simms 13:51
there. Remember that at all? Ben rule. It wasn’t it was not too long ago. It was 2018. He was on the Today Show or one of the morning shows. And it was it was really cute. I think they had a bull riding thing. I mean, it was really cute. Except for the part that was alright, you did great.

Chelcie Rice 14:10
I gotta say, though, when you first pull that out. I thought that was a flying finger of fate from laughing in Asia, but yeah. Which finger to show first it getting easy. We don’t want to give it away.

Stacey Simms 14:31
All right. So Justin, thank you. Standby. We’re gonna move on to Lauren. Now for the other trivia questions. And we’re starting with technology. Right this year Insulet changed the name of their hybrid closed loop system from Omni pot horizon to something else. Do you know what they changed it to?

Unknown Speaker 14:51

Unknown Speaker 14:54
no, I don’t it’s Oh, I’m so bad. No, no,

Stacey Simms 14:59
it’s Omni. Hi.

Lauren Lanning 15:03
I can’t remember no go.

Stacey Simms 15:06
Sorry, Caitlin. Anybody? No Omnipod five. I don’t don’t ask me what coober Omnipod five man,

Unknown Speaker 15:15
yet Anyone else? No,

Unknown Speaker 15:17

Justin Masterson 15:19
I know about the Omnipod five as a thing. It just never occurred to me you would change from horizon to five. It feels like a downgrade and

Stacey Simms 15:26
it’s Omnipod five powered by horizon.

Unknown Speaker 15:29
Oh god.

Unknown Speaker 15:30
I don’t know, either. Okay.

Stacey Simms 15:33
Okay, so this one is a little silly, but I enjoyed putting this one together. Major League ballplayer Adam Duvall was diagnosed in his early 20s. He’s had a great season with the Atlanta Braves. But in the minors, he suited up with the August green jackets, which is just a great name. What is the mascot of the minor league baseball team? Augusta green jackets. I’ll give you three choices because this really has nothing to do with diabetes, but I thought it was funny. Is it an anthropomorphic green jacket? Like you know the Masters little green jacket? Is it a fierce green insect? Or is it a little green golf caddy?

Lauren Lanning 16:17
I’m going with the answer. Look for thick,

Stacey Simms 16:21
green jacket. green jacket that looks like a person. Yeah, no, it’s a green insect. It’s the like a yellow jacket. jacket. It’s got a little stinger. It’s very cute. It’s very cute. I had nothing to ask about Adam Duvall. Sorry. All right. Here’s a here’s another one. You might know this one. Eric church, just one Entertainer of the Year at the Country Music Awards. I was in attendance a couple of years ago when he gave $1 million to a local jdrf chapter at their Gala. What is his connection to diabetes? Is it Oh, go ahead. Oh, we are multiple is his connection. He’s got a connection of type one. Is it his mother, his daughter or his wife?

Lauren Lanning 17:08
His mother, it is his mother

Unknown Speaker 17:10
act. Yeah. Excellent. Yes, his

Unknown Speaker 17:12
mom got one. Yay.

Stacey Simms 17:16
All right. Um, diabetes, mine ran an article earlier this year referencing how many potential cgms are in the works currently being studied or built or trademarked? How many CGM continuous glucose monitoring systems Did they say are potentially coming? 1929 or 39?

Lauren Lanning 17:41
I’m going to go with 29

Unknown Speaker 17:45
it’s 39. Wow,

Unknown Speaker 17:48
isn’t that crazy movie?

Unknown Speaker 17:49
Yeah. 39.

Unknown Speaker 17:53

Chelcie Rice 17:56
we really need that many choices.

Stacey Simms 17:58
I don’t think we’re gonna get that many but let’s all throw in.

Chelcie Rice 18:02
I mean, 39 What are we gonna be buying cgms at like, you know, Kroger or something.

Stacey Simms 18:07
People like poor Gary shiner. The You know, there’s certified diabetes educator who tries every system he’s gonna be covered.

Justin Masterson 18:12
So let’s just work through all those you can only wear for the time before it really.

Stacey Simms 18:19

Lauren Lanning 18:21
I was on an airplane with him. And I think we were going to London for CWT conference. And i ne had on like, a, he had on a few different pumps testing. Yo, what happens? It was it was interesting. He’s

Stacey Simms 18:37
amazing. All right, your last question. Great, Chelsea.

Chelcie Rice 18:41
No, that was just imagining and trying to go through ATF Yoda.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
All that.

Unknown Speaker 18:48
Want to explain.

Stacey Simms 18:52
Just I’m just beeping every two minutes. Don’t mind me. Lauren, here is your show Intel. This is one of the Bibles of diabetes care, right? The Pink Panther book. This is the ninth edition from the year 2000. I think we’re all very familiar with this. But the question is, when was the Pink Panther book first published? Was it 1970 1980 or 1990? Didn’t didn’t. Donna

Lauren Lanning 19:25
nine teen. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. It’s Monica’s Dr. Monica used to go seek Paperchase. Oh, and I used to work for the children’s diabetes foundation who publishes the that book. I know this. Ah, it’s 1970

Stacey Simms 19:50
it is it is 1970 who knew I didn’t know you knew that. That’s a

Lauren Lanning 19:55
thing. Do the math because Dana was died. Dana Davis was diagnosed And she’s got this old and I have to do the math.

Stacey Simms 20:04
Yeah. And Barbara Davis center of course is where that so

Chelcie Rice 20:07
that free, right? Corning fiberglass marketing?

Lauren Lanning 20:13
No I think they paid oh yeah they paid for all the Pink Panther or no did they? Did they pay for it? There were there were very strict rules around how to use the Pink Panther. Well, and everything has been

Stacey Simms 20:30
okay in my, in my research, I found that the first two monograph printings were in the 60s created by a parent to their basement using an old army press and sent out for free. So kids gather round and learn how we used to use paper. Actual publication of the book was in 1970. But isn’t that crazy? They did have to get they continue to renew the agreement to use the Pink Panther. I have asked many times, Lauren, maybe you can find out for us. What the heck does The Pink Panther have to do with anything? Why The Pink Panther and diabetes?

Unknown Speaker 21:06
right why Bart? Burke?

Unknown Speaker 21:09
green jacket?

Unknown Speaker 21:12
The anamorphic.

Stacey Simms 21:15
Yeah, and Okay, so you guys are actually tied at three points apiece Chelsea to take lead.

Unknown Speaker 21:20
Oh, my gosh. All right. You’re

Stacey Simms 21:21
ready. Here we go.

Chelcie Rice 21:22
Sure. Let’s go for it.

Stacey Simms 21:24
All right, the happy Bob app was released this year. It’s been a very big hit. You can use it with your CGM readings, and it tells you encouraging messages. But they have since added a snarky Bob who tells you not so encouraging things, it kind of insults you a little bit. And they’ve added a female counterpart. What is the name of the female counterpart for happy Bob? Is it Karen, Mary Jane or Bobby?

Justin Masterson 21:48
Please be Karen please be caring.

Chelcie Rice 21:52
Oddly enough, I downloaded this app a few weeks ago. And in fact, it is Karen and I was very surprised that I was like, for real?

Stacey Simms 22:03
It is it’s the it’s like your annoying, annoying neighbor. I’ve reached out to them. They’re gonna podcast like who comes up with this stuff? I

Justin Masterson 22:10
just love it. Karen would like to speak to your blood glucose manager, please.

Stacey Simms 22:14
Exactly. Chelsea, the in person at the in person friends for life conferences. And they send these out now with the virtual ones as well. They’re always colored bracelets. Lauren, back me up here. Right green for people with type one orange for family members. When did they add the bracelets? Was it 2002 2008 or 2012?

Chelcie Rice 22:41
I’m just thinking back to when the whole bracelet thing first dropped because because you know what the lance armstrong thing?

Unknown Speaker 22:51
Oh, yeah. And

Chelcie Rice 22:55
I’m gonna just throw it out there and say 2002

Stacey Simms 22:59
Yes, it was 2002 had nothing to do with Lance Armstrong. Although those rubber bracelets were, you know, probably 90 Gosh, at this point. But the idea was the first couple of years. They you know, they were just trying to start things out. And then they were seeing the kids without their parents around eating. And it was like, well, who has type one and who doesn’t have we’ve got to figure

Lauren Lanning 23:22
and when you see a kid sleeping in the hallway with glucagon or et you let them sleep because he’s fired.

Chelcie Rice 23:31
They had to rule out the whole thing like just get into tranquilizer gun into tagging them like to do a wild kingdom.

Stacey Simms 23:40
Didn’t my house Anyway, when they were preschool? It’s much easier. Alright Chelsea I know you’re a big fan of this show. The baby sitters club was a big hit on Netflix. Season Two is coming soon. The characters the character Stacy on the baby sitters club lives with type one of course very popular book series. So at the end of the episode, there were Stacy comes to terms with her diabetes. She asks her parents for a designer diabetes item. What is it? Was it I’ll give you choices here. A Gucci fanny pack for pump supplies. A Gucci branded pump clip, or a Gucci cover for her CGM receiver

Chelcie Rice 24:25
shows so much

Stacey Simms 24:28
It’s really good. Kids are way too old but we watched it anyway. And it was very good.

Chelcie Rice 24:34
We’ve been streaming Dexter for the past couple of days for

Stacey Simms 24:38
different different audiences. Yeah,

Justin Masterson 24:40
five is almost no overlap. Like

Stacey Simms 24:43
Mike we’re this though. You could see where it could come in handy.

Chelcie Rice 24:47
I was gonna what was the first one you said

Stacey Simms 24:49
a Gucci fanny pack for pump supplies.

Chelcie Rice 24:52
That’s what I was gonna go with a fanny pack.

Stacey Simms 24:55
And that is correct. It is a Gucci fanny pack. She does not get it. But she

Justin Masterson 25:01
does bedazzle the heck out of her pump though. And yeah, it’s cool because for the rest of the series, you can see her pump like they leave it visible, which I think is really neat.

Stacey Simms 25:10
I think they did a very good job with it. I’m very happy. Yep. All right,

Justin Masterson 25:13
Stacy, did you cry when you saw that episode?

Stacey Simms 25:17
No, I cried. No, I’ll tell you when I cried was the other episode when the dad like the dads falling in love and they don’t know if they want him like I know cuz I have a boy with diabetes a different

Justin Masterson 25:30
kind of messed up. My daughter was cool as a cucumber and I was just fountains over here. It was a mess. I was

Chelcie Rice 25:37
like, I’m not missing anything.

Stacey Simms 25:43
All right, well, here’s another one slightly different angle here. Chelsea. ominous beeping shut down the Forsyth County Courthouse. Not too far from me in North Carolina earlier this year, as law enforcement investigated a possible bomb threat. It turned out to be a diabetes device. What was it? Was it an omni pod discarded in the trash? a defense attorney with a Dexcom or a judge who let their t slim x two insulin pump run out of insulin.

Chelcie Rice 26:17
I was gonna say, what was it that was in the trashcan? You said it was an omni pod. I’m gonna go with that. I’m probably in the trashcan. Because it seems like you know, anybody’s going crazy and shutting the place down ahead of in something. Because like, if it was somebody was beeping, they just like get up and run away or something.

Stacey Simms 26:33
Oh, yeah, you are correct. That was and that gave it away with the answers very good to see the deductive reasoning that interestingly, this was the second time in about three years that a North Carolina municipal building was shut down by an army i’d beeping.

Chelcie Rice 26:48
Previously, God walked through the courthouse.

Stacey Simms 26:55
That could happen. All right, our last tell our last show and tell me let me make sure there’s nothing that’s like, Okay. I’m not my microphone. This is our last show until a pop company had a line of toys like this, each of which was comfortable, sort of on the land or in the water. I think they also had a walrus, they had a penguin they had they would change the stuffed animal every year. The company is no longer in business. Was it? deltec Cosmo, the Animus or a Santee snap?

Chelcie Rice 27:35
vaguely remember this, but I’m thinking is second want to animate?

Stacey Simms 27:41
You are five for five matches? Yes. And Benny, the Bengal tiger. So of course I had to keep because my son’s name is Benny.

Chelcie Rice 27:50
What am I Why am I remembering that? For some reason?

Stacey Simms 27:53
I don’t know why you remember this thing? It’s got to be seven years old. But I don’t I mean, atomists went out of business officially in seventh 2017 or 2000.

Chelcie Rice 28:01
I think when we I think when I was at, for instance, that you that was like the last time anybody who’s seen animals that I remember after that they just pretty much is like, you know, walked off into the sunset.

Justin Masterson 28:16
And we I remember animus is they went out of business the day after we signed up for an animist pump. Oh, so for my daughter, so she was finally ready to try a pump with tubes on it. And we were like, yeah, we signed up for an animist pump. Yep. And we and we took it home from the clinic and everything and we had just trained on it and they’re like animals go out of business. We never took it out of the box.

Stacey Simms 28:37
Wow, I’m so mad at them. We love them so much. And I actually it’s a long story, but they’re one of the reasons why I was able to come into the diabetes community the way that I did they like my blog and I want to speaking and writing for them. And they had this they had great studies on their hypo hyper minimiser. They were one of the first you know, hybrid closed loops that were coming and then Johnson and Johnson pulled the plug. All right, we are in excellent shape. We have Justin I’m actually keeping score which I usually forget to do. Justin Lauren are tied. Chelsea is in the lead. And now it is time to move on to the bluff the listener portion of our show, and we have a real live contestant with us. Tripp stoner is joining us and Tripp you’re on the road. Thanks for thanks for jumping in.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
No worries. I’m near you.

Stacey Simms 29:27
I heard so you’re from Atlanta, but you’re passing through North Carolina. Um, let me ask you, if you don’t mind, tell us a little bit about who you are your connection to diabetes and what’s up with your friends for life usually,

Unknown Speaker 29:38
um, I am a type one myself. I do a little bit of blogging here and there. I’m not as passionate as y’all are. But I’ve been with friends for life now for going on. I think four years. I’m kind of behind the scenes most people don’t even know I’m on the staff which is a good thing. I’m just there to help whoever needs help. That’s pretty much it.

Stacey Simms 30:03
Awesome. All right bluff the listener section, you have to guess which of our panelists is telling the real story of something that happened in the diabetes community.

Right back to the game in just a moment. But first Diabetes Connections is brought to you by Dexcom. And it is hard to think of something that has changed our diabetes management as much as the share and follow apps. The amazing thing to me is how it’s helped us talk less about diabetes. That is the wonderful thing about share and follow as a caregiver, parent, spouse, whatever, you can help the person with diabetes manage in the way that works for your individual situation. Internet connectivity is required to access Dexcom follow separate follow app required, learn more, go to Diabetes, Connections comm and click on the Dexcom logo. Now back to the game and we are moving into bluff the listener.

All right, so we’re gonna take turns reading here. Our subject this year is diabetes mascots. And they are of course as we’ve already seen, those adorable furry friends have helped make type one a little less scary for pediatric patients. But honestly they can be a little bit weird. So Chelsea, why don’t you go ahead and go first I’m going to give you the floor here let me let me do this. There we go. All right trip can hear us. Chelsea you’re gonna read your story. And then after we hear from everybody triple let us know which is the real thing. So go for it. Chelsea. Cool.

Chelcie Rice 31:39
Alrighty, Rufus is the adorable teddy bear that jdrf gives out to newly diagnosed families. But many don’t know that the bear with diabetes is named after American Canadian singer Rufus Wainwright. As a child growing up in New York, Wainwright was hospitalized with acute appendicitis. Turns out his best friend Brian was in the same hospital receiving a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. The Wainwright recovered quickly, but Brian had to stay for two weeks. Future singer insisted on visiting every day until his friend came home. Later that year, Brian’s mother worked with jdrf to create a toy to help kids learn to do shots through play. By then Wainwright’s family had moved to Monterey. Also, she named the bear after him to give the boat give the boys a nice way to remember each other.

Stacey Simms 32:30
Very nice. Okay, so that is our first story trip as you are listening. Keep that in mind. All right, Chelsea, I’m going to switch you out with Justin. You’re up Justin, what’s your mascot story?

Justin Masterson 32:43
This is a nice follow up story. So after the success of Rufus from jdrf, and Medtronic, Lenny the lion, other diabetes companies decided they needed a mascot to but what animal would appeal to kids and make sense for Omni pod? In the mid 2010, the makers of that system decided to ask their customers Insulet asked kids to come up with not just their mascots name but its species. What kind of animal goes with a tubeless pod type insulin pump. They got some creative submissions such as a dolphin and a puppy named Potter. Get it? PAWD er Potter, Omni pod chose a turtle because they say the shell resembles a pod then because turtles are at home on land and in water just like their system. The trademark for turtle Potter. That’s the actual trademark was issued in 2016. And Toby was a central part of omnipods teaching app launch that year. Why is he named Toby? That’s only for the turtles to know.

Stacey Simms 33:48
Mm hmm. Justin. Okay. And our third story for a diabetes mascot comes from Lauren take it away.

Lauren Lanning 33:59
Okay, Tandem is the current sponsor of beyond type one snail mail program, which of course has a cute little snail mascot. But the makers of the T slim x two pump have been working on a separate symbol of their own instead of a fluffy friend. They’ve decided on a bicycle built for two. That’s one meaning for the word Tandem, of course, a bicycle with seats and pedals for two riders, one behind the other. Before COVID hit, they were planning to launch this as a stationary attraction at diabetes conferences. The idea was to have fun contests like how far can you and your dad pedal in five minutes? What happens to blood sugars when you hop on the stationary bike? They were also going to have children at the conferences, decorate and even put features like eyes and smiley faces on the bikes to see if it could work as an actual mascot. All right, so

Stacey Simms 34:59
trip. The question is, is the real story? Rufus Wainwright inspiring Rufus, kids picking the turtle for Toby the turtle or tandems bike extravaganza at conferences if it wasn’t for COVID

Unknown Speaker 35:19
um, I believe it’s going to be Rufus. If I remember the story right. She eventually set up quite a few women’s sewing those bears together to hand out to other children at their local Children’s Hospital.

Stacey Simms 35:35
Well, Chelsea, was that the real story?

Chelcie Rice 35:41
Let me check your email.

Unknown Speaker 35:46
No, no.

Stacey Simms 35:50
The there’s just enough truth in that one. Yes. There was a wonderful mom the kids name was Brian. So I apologize for sticking that in there. But Rufus Wainwright has nothing to do with Rufus the bear Justin had the real story of Toby the the turtle although I’ve got to say I wish and Tandem for a licensing fee you can have that idea from me for and I wish your idea was your story there was true I love that one.

Justin Masterson 36:18
It does remind me of the the contest that they had to name the the boat and they named it boaty mcboatface. So I think they got a lot better with Toby the turtle they

Stacey Simms 36:33
will chosen for that for fooling everybody.

Chelcie Rice 36:37
They change it to Rufus our freight train Jones.

Unknown Speaker 36:40
Oh, like that

Chelcie Rice 36:41
real wrestling fan out there. You know? Yeah. Old School wrestling, you

Stacey Simms 36:46
know. will trip. Thank you so much. That was a lot of work. I know on your part to join us. But we appreciate you dialing in and making it work. So thank you so much for playing.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
Thank you. Y’all have a good day. It’s great to see all of y’all.

Unknown Speaker 37:03
You too safe drive and travel.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
Thank you.

Stacey Simms 37:08
Greet job, everybody. That was funny. All

Justin Masterson 37:12
right. I love these stories. They were really well written.

Stacey Simms 37:15
Good art. Thank you. That’s my favorite part of doing this. The hardest part is just coming up with the object after that. It’s easy. Yeah. But man, thank you.

Lauren Lanning 37:24
All right. Thank you, OSU. We’ll be showing you some royalties on that. How could you not

Stacey Simms 37:28
do that man at the conference? That’s

Justin Masterson 37:31
such a great idea.

Stacey Simms 37:33
I’m sure. I’m sure their marketing team has thought of it and dismissed it.

Justin Masterson 37:38
Somehow buck off diabetes got through.

Unknown Speaker 37:41

Chelcie Rice 37:43
Really, really bad ones.

Stacey Simms 37:53
are moments people have got a deadline people? Oh, all right. So finally, we are moving on to our limericks now I will read a Limerick to each of you. If you complete it correctly, you will get an additional point. So the topic here is people with diabetes on reality television. So the the answer and I shouldn’t give you too much information here. But I think I’m a terrible Limerick writer. So I will tell you that the answer I’m looking for is the name of the show. All right, so Lauren, we’re gonna start with you. I apologize in advance these are really bad. I you know, when I learned that on Wait, wait, don’t tell me they have like a guy who works on this all week long. He’s I don’t know if you’re not but he’s Yeah, but that’s what he does. So forgive me. There we go. All right. Remember these reality shows where people with type one appeared. More in this show could be called the CO ket. And a crowd of contestants. Well met Michael among the poor schmoes who didn’t get that rose desert he said no thanks on the bachelorette. Yes on the bachelorette. I know the rose gave it away. But Michael apparently was a contestant with type 1 diabetes on a season of The Bachelor. I think it was 2013 I don’t watch that one. All right, Lauren, point for you. Excellent. Chelsea, this one’s for you. This show is all over the place. With contestants who rarely embrace. Matt came in first, Leo. Well, he’s not worst. It’s a long road for

Unknown Speaker 39:37
The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race.

Stacey Simms 39:39
Yes. Dr. NET strand, one that a few seasons back and Leo is currently a contestant. Hopefully by the time this airs, he will still be on the show. And not out of it yet. So and Leo has a really we talked him for the podcast he lives with type one word, exactly type one but he head was born with hyper hyper insulin ism and had to have most of his pancreas removed. And then he lived pretty normally until he was 19 when he developed diabetes, but we all spotted his Dexcom on episode one. And I tracked him down. Got him on the show. All right, Justin, this is for you. Ready? This competition for fame? features cyclones and Rams and some flames. Chris trained round the clock. Got a hug from the rock. We spotted his decks on

Unknown Speaker 40:35
okay, I can do this.

Stacey Simms 40:37
This is probably the hardest one sorry,

Justin Masterson 40:39
the rocks on it. There are flames involved. Uh, the Titan games?

Stacey Simms 40:45
The Titan games? Yeah, the right route. And yes, Chris Rutan competed. Yeah, Season One of the Titans.

Justin Masterson 40:51
I remember that episode. That was like the one that my daughter called me downstairs to show

Stacey Simms 40:55
me and got a big hug from the rock. Yeah, that was very nice. All right. So we have totaled up the points, which which don’t matter for pride. Chelsea is the winner. But everybody gets a prize. Everybody gets a prize. It’s just

Justin Masterson 41:10
for Michelle, did I come in dead last? And does Michelle somehow get punished for

Unknown Speaker 41:14
no actually tie

Stacey Simms 41:18
it all around. So in summary,

Unknown Speaker 41:23
we have

Stacey Simms 41:25
Caitlyn, coming in for a tie for second with Michelle. And fee and Chelsea are the winners. So congratulate all around but it’s really well done. Really, aren’t we all winners though? And it comes right down to it.

Justin Masterson 41:44
I’d like to think so. But some of us are technically and more accurately winners. And that’s Chelsea.

Stacey Simms 41:48
Well, some of us will find out for winners. If we find out if the show. In the couple of minutes that we have left. Let me just go around and say a thank you. And maybe just give you guys a little bit of a last word. Lauren, you have been amazing keeping the muffles going and everything had friends for life. How’s it been for you this year? Are you enjoying it? Is it just more work for you?

Lauren Lanning 42:11
I know i’d love it. I’d love the connection. I didn’t think that a online would still have the same feel. But it’s great connecting with my muffles every other week and hope everyone can join us.

Stacey Simms 42:26
Excellent. And Justin, um, you know, I can’t imagine it’s easy doing this quarantine thing you know, as you were with your family and your daughter was one I know it’s not easy for any of us. Anything I see a guitar in the background, what are you doing to keep busy?

Justin Masterson 42:39
Yeah, I’m doing a lot of this. A lot of playing music. And I’ve been one of those folks who has dug into you know, a little bit of cooking and a little bit of fixing the house and I’m not making soap like Chelsea, but I’m doing my very best with what I have. And I’ll put in a plug for the dads group. We love being able to run the dads group at friends for life. And if you’re not already a part of it, and you’re a dad, we’d love to have you I have had some of the most moving experiences of my diabetes journey at the at the men’s groups and when amazing questions and amazing learning and then just a lot of camaraderie which I really appreciate.

Stacey Simms 43:19
It is such a gift for all parents to be involved in things like that. It really is a gift for your child’s if you’re dead thinking about it. You’ve been reluctant because you know, are your manly man, guys don’t do that. Please do that. It’s wonderful. Justin, thanks for bringing that up.

Unknown Speaker 43:31

Stacey Simms 43:32
Chelsea, where can we buy your soap? I’m not kidding.

Chelcie Rice 43:37
No. I mean, you can follow me on like, what Instagram type one comedian type tip number one comedian, Instagram because I’m always, you know, posting pictures on there because of just for the heck of it. I’m not really you know, trying to sell but I’m right, because I don’t have like a business license or anything. And you got to have insurance when you’re selling something that you’re gonna rub on your body and then cause somebody like to lose, you know, you know, something, they made some organ that they may need something like that. So I’m willing to like you just pay me to ship and I’ll send you some soap. It’s no big, big whoop.

Stacey Simms 44:13
And I have to ask you, is there anything that you’ve made? That’s been more interesting? I’ve seen a couple of things that you’ve called disasters that I still think are beautiful.

Chelcie Rice 44:21
Yeah, I mean, there was one that one of the things that happens when you you mix the lye water into the oil sometimes if you add some additives like fragrances, they react differently. And one that I put in there just like turned it didn’t look like cottage cheese. And I thought it was like oh well and so but I put it into the mold anyway and I colored it with a little orange and little yellow. And when I when I when it’s solidified it looked like Colby cheese. And so I mean like and the funny thing is they turned out to be really good soap is a really good hand soap. I don’t know what to put in it. Oh What you know percentages, but it comes out to this really nice handsoap that doesn’t leave your hands all stripped. And I was like, Okay, great. Now I don’t know how to do it again. So, memories.

Stacey Simms 45:14
That’s a great trick, but I can only do it once. Yeah. All right. Wonderful. Well, as usual, we got off topic of diabetes. But thank you all so much for joining me on this for another edition of Wait, wait, don’t poke me. And maybe we’ll do it again sometime. But thank you all so much for being here. I hope you enjoyed it and had a couple of laughs

Unknown Speaker 45:33
Thank you.

Lauren Lanning 45:34
It was fun. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 45:41
You’re listening to Diabetes Connections with Stacey Simms.

Stacey Simms 45:47
I love doing the game show episodes, there’s so much fun to put together. I would do it every week, if I had the time. And if I could come up with that much diabetes trivia. Anyway, you can listen to our previous weight weights at Diabetes there is a very robust search on the website with more than 340 episodes. Now, we really want to make it easy for you to find what you want. So you could just search weight weight or game show this past summer at friends for life. I did a Hollywood Squares because zoom just looked like that to me. So I did Hollywood Squares for the game show but you can find all of that and much more over at Diabetes Thank you to my editor john Buchanan. So for audio editing solutions, and thank you so much for listening. I’m Stacey Simms. I will see you back here next week. Until then, be kind to yourself.

Benny 46:43
Diabetes Connections is a production of Stacey Simms Media. All rights reserved. All rounds avenged

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