This week, Stacey recently went to the West Coast to check out the JDRF OneWalk in Los Angeles. She was able to speak to actors Derek Theler from ABC Family’s Baby Daddy and Brec Bassinger, from Nick’s Bella & the Bulldogs. The actors who balance TV and movie careers while living with type 1 diabetes helped kick off the walk at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Stacey also spoke with KTLA News Anchor, OneWalk MC & D-Dad Frank Buckley.

This episode also features Walk a Mile Cards. During this Diabetes Awareness Month, you may find yourself trying to explain what T1D is, but this project hopes to explain what diabetes feels like. It’s a unique set of cards to convey empathy through simple but effective exercises. Stacey speaks with Kerri Sparling, Bennet Dunlap and Justin Masterson, three of co-creators of the project.