Many baby boomers have lived with diabetes for decades, others are newly diagnosed. But everyone finds when they reach 65.. things get complicated. That’s because of course 65 is when Medicare kicks in. Our guest, Dennis Goldensohn has lived with T1D for 50 years and is finished his first year on Medicare. He’s got a lot to say. Plus.. a look at Medicare’s new policy regarding Dexcom Share – don’t throw away your receiver yet!

Read Test Guess & Go for Dexcom/Medicare information

More information here with the updated Medicare policy

And I’ll share a little bit about the start of our summer and diabetes camp. Benny went noodling(!) and had a difficult diabetes situation later that night. Stacey shares how he handled it and what went through her mind hundreds of miles away.

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1:30 Stacey welcome, talks about ADA Scientific Sessions, Tandem Basal IQ approval (more next week).

4:45 Interview with Dennis Goldensohn

30:30 Stacey talks about Medicare/Dexcom

33:45 Stacey talks about their travel and Benny’s adventures “noodling.”

34:00 Carrie vs Kerri – Information about Audible – Get your 30 day free trial and free book here

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