One of the problems in carrying low treatments everywhere is actually carrying them. This week, learn about a glucose necklace expected to come to market this fall. Inventor Kris Maynard is a former fire fighter and first-responder who lives with type 1.

Stacey talks to Kris about the product, gets some advice about medical alert bracelets, tattoos and what we can do before we call 911. Kris shares the frightening low blood sugar that prompted this new product.

Plus a little bit from Benny about sending kid with diabetes to non-diabetes sleep-away camp. He and Stacey chat in the car about what he does to make his four weeks away work out.

And we talk about Jesse Was Here. It’s a new program from Beyond Type 1 and Jesse’s mom, Michelle Page-Alswager. Michelle’s blog referenced by Stacey can be found here. 

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1:40 Stacey Welcome

4:25 Interview with Glucose Revival Inventor Kris Maynard

17:35 Stacey explains Jesse Was Here

22:20 Stacey & Benny talk about camp (in the car on the way there)

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