Diabetes Connections turns three years old this week!  To mark the occasion, we turned the microphone around. KTLA News anchor and diabetes dad Frank Buckley interviews Stacey

They talk about everything from Smart Insulin to Encapsulation to Stacey’s family and the emotions behind a T1D diagnosis and Stacey looks back to our very first episode with Christel Aprigliano. 

Learn more about Frank’s story and his son’s diagnosis here.

Plus Stacey shares the case of the double inset from Benny (with his permission) and explains how you can take part in our live game show taping at Friends for Life this summer! Just email stacey@diabetes-connections.com and use the subject line “Game Show.” Make sure to provide your first name and where you’re from.

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1:30 Stacey welcome and looks back at three years of the podcast

6:00 Frank Buckley interviews Stacey

29:00 Stacey explains “Wait Wait Don’t Poke Me,” the game show we’re taping later this summer.

42:30 Stacey shares a story of Benny’s latest adventures in pumping. What happens when you change your inset and you can’t remember which inset is the new one?!


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