Next month, women from all over the southeast will gather in Columbia, SC for a unique JDRF retreat. The Women of Type 1 is a new conference for all women touched by type 1 diabetes: adult T1D women, teens with type 1, moms or grandmothers of kids with type 1 and women who are spouses and partners of people with type 1 diabetes. Stacey talks to Anne Sutton, who created the conference in early 2016 for the JDRF Greater Carolinas Chapter and Elizabeth McCrary who is organizing it for the JDRF Palmetto Chapter in October.

Stacey will appear at the conference along with keynote speakers Moira McCarthy and Sierra Sandison. You’ll hear from both of these powerhouse women in this episode as well. Stacey shares a bit about her presentation for moms and daughters called “She Just Doesn’t Get It” and reminds you to enter our latest contest (click here for details).