She shot to fame after an appearance on NBC’s The Voice, now RaeLynn is out with a big album, a big tour and lots of fans who have type 1 diabetes just like she does. Diagnosed at age 12, RaeLynn talks about managing diabetes on the road, challenges she faced early on and why she’s okay (sort of) with Blake Shelton being the food police.

In our community connection, he was tired of waiting for options, so a North Carolina diabetes dad went on his own to get the Libre Flash Glucose Monitor not yet available in the US.  Steve Espin explains why he wanted the device for his son and how he went on eBay to get it.

Plus, in our Shoptalk segment, learn more about Dancing for Diabetes from Kelly Simbolick and about BetaBionics from John Costik.


4:00 Stacey explains the Libre and how it’s newly approved in the UK

6:00 Stacey talks about Dexcom opening its data platform (and what that means)

10:00 RaeLynn Interview

28:00 Steve Espin / Libre Interview

47:20 Stacey shares why she prefers the Dexcom alarms and why she moved the Dexcom receiver out of her son’s room

53:00 Shoptalk with John Costik from BetaBionics

57:30 Shoptalk with Kelly Simbolick from Dancing for Diabetes


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