Let’s #Talk About Complications. That’s a hashtag created by this week’s guest who’s taking a topic that most of us would rather avoid, and putting it into the spotlight.

Chris Aldred is better known as the Grumpy Pumper and he wants us to stop being ashamed to talk about possible complications from diabetes and to stop the blame surrounding this dicey issue.

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Also this week, your diabetes educator is getting some help when it comes to staying current on technology. Stacey talks to AADE’s Chief Technology and Innovations officer about a new resource for educators called DANA.

And, tell me something good: a big step forward for a 5 year old two years into her T1D journey and a big award for a tween.

This podcast is not intended as medical advice. If you have those kinds of questions, please contact your health care provider —–

1:40 Stacey welcome, explains that Chris Aldred’s son was just diagnosed with type 1 over this past weekend. She explains Diabetes Podcast week and shares a story about Nick Jonas’s wedding reception, not far from where she lives.

8:30 Interview with The Grumpy Pumper

39:20 Interview with Crystal Broj

47:00 Tell Me Something Good: Congratulations to 5-year-old Rose who just checked her blood sugar for the first time! And congrats to 12-year-old Logan Merwin for winning the JDRF Spirit Award at Run Disney! Learn more about Logan, the Elbow Bump Kid

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