This week, a conversation with KJ Howe, author of The Freedom Broker, a thriller featuring a heroine with type 1 diabetes. Howe’s grandfather had T1D and she wants to make sure this book is true to the condition while weaving it in to a thrilling story about hostage negotiation, family ties, betrayal and mystery. The Freedom Broker has been compared to the Jason Bourne series for it’s adventure and seat-of-your-pants pacing.

After the interview, Stacey shares her thoughts about how type 1 diabetes is represented here and gives a review of the story, the characters and the book itself.

Plus, as we follow along with Bike Beyond, the cross country bike ride with 20 people with type 1, we found out there’s a documentary in the works. We’ll talk to Neil Greathouse about how he’s putting the movie version of the ride together.

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