When you have diabetes, you have to think about food much more often than someone without. But sometimes, all of those food decisions, combined with pressure and perceived loss of control, can turn into a dangerous problem. This week, we tackle a tough subject, what many people call Diabulimia.

Stacey talks to Erin Akers who says she developed an eating disorder that almost took her life as a teenager. She’s fought back and founded the Diabulimia Helpline.

In our Know Better segment, Stacey shares a study about the rise of T1D in adults in China.

And, on a personal note, Stacey explains that leading a Bar Mitzvah service can be just as tough on blood sugar as playing a full game of football!

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1:40 Stacey welcome: she talks a bit about the subject of this week’s show and also shares a little about BG during Benny’s Bar Mitzvah

5:15 Interview with Erin Akers

31:20 Study about T1D in China

34:30 Stacey talks about Benny’s diabetes care team & summer camp


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