After years of rejecting his family’s love of running, Casey Boren “got talked into” a mini-triathlon and found his passion. He trained for and successfully finished an IRONMAN triathlon at the age of 35 but was almost immediately after diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He talks to Stacey about learning to train with T1D and how he not only finished more IRONMAN races, but competed at the World Championship in Hawaii. Casey and other elite athletes with type 1 started the Diabetes Sports Project last year. It’s a way to inspire and share stories in order to help others live active healthy lives with diabetes.

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Stacey also talks to 16-year-old Canadian soccer phenom Michael Thornton. He and his family moved to Spain in 2013 to allow Michael to compete among the best in the world. He talks about learning the language and managing diabetes in a completely new environment. Diagnosed at age six, Michael and his family are back in Canada. Stacey caught up to him at this summer’s Friends for Life conference in Florida.