Dr. Ed Damiano is the developer of the bionic pancreas, a closed-loop system that uses a pump and a CGM to automate delivery of insulin as well as glucagon currently in clinical trials. Dr. Damiano got the idea for a dual-chambered system when his son was diagnosed with type 1 at the very young age of 11 months. Dr. Damiano talks to Stacey about the system, now called the “iLet” and about the new company formed to help bring it to market. Called Beta Bionics, it’s a unique kind of company, perhaps the first of its kind in the diabetes sector. Dr. Damiano explains what a public benefit corporation is and why he felt it was necessary to form one in order to get the iLet from prototype to commercial product. In this episode, Stacey also shares the story of her family’s first JDRF Walk almost ten years ago and how her daughter, who doesn’t have diabetes, reacted to the idea of raising money for better research.