We’ve got a parent’s survival guide when it comes to teenagers and type 1 diabetes this week. What to do when your child doesn’t want to hear about diabetes anymore and hears your helpful advice as just plain nagging.

Jill Weissberg-Benchell has a PhD in psychology and is also a certified diabetes educator. We discuss talking to your teen, listening to your teen and strategies to get through this oh-so-interesting time in their lives. It’s not just about attitude. Their bodies are making it really difficult for diabetes.

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1:45 Stacey Welcome – Stacey reads a recent Apple Podcast review and talks about events for 2019 – email stacey@diabetes-connections.com to request Stacey as a speaker.

5:20 Interview with Jill Weissberg-Benchell

Stacey talks about Raising Teens with Diabetes from Moira McCarthy (link to buy from Amazon)

55:45 Know Better: Glucose Revival Necklace (link back to our original interview with them)

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