The Mure family won 50-thousand dollars in the Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC and gave it to JDRF. Stacey talks to Joe Mure who wasn’t sure he wanted to compete at all. He hung up twice on the producers! Joe’s son was diagnosed with type 1 at age 5 and we get the story behind the Little North Pole and the network competition. 

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Plus, who is the Hangry Woman? We talk to Mila Buckley about finding support for a younger person with type 2 diabetes.

Also this week, Stacey reports that CW Star Austin Basis (Beauty and the Beast and more) has published his comic books, The Kinetix. We talked to him earlier this year when the stories about a superhero teem of kids with disabilities was launched on Kickstarter. Listen to that episode here. 

And, with this last scheduled show of 2018, a look back at an amazing year.

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Stacey Welcome: We talk about the Kinetix from Austin Basis

Interview with Joe Mure about the Great Christmas Light Fight

26:30 Interview with Mila Buckley – The Hangry Woman

47:30 Looking ahead to 2019 (sneak peek at upcoming shows)

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