This week, a conversation about a medical mystery and a family’s search for answers. Nine-year-old Jack Smith was diagnosed with type 1 as a toddler, but in the last year he’s become allergic to insulin. His mother, Jaclyn, shares their story with Stacey.

About 2% of people with type 1 diabetes have an insulin allergy, but it’s almost always tied to a type of insulin. They are able to switch and can continue dosing without issues. Jack has reacted to every available type of insulin & all methods of injection or infusion.

Note: This interview was taped 2/28/2017, just before Jack was to go back to Duke for a new treatment. As it airs (3/7/17) the first IVIG treatment Jaclyn mentions resulted in some serious side effects, sending Jack to a local hospital. He’s recovered and plans are in place to try to prevent those symptoms at the next infusion.

You can follow Jack’s story here (Facebook page).