Instead of a rescue Glucagon shot, how about a nasal spray? A simple spray for emergency low blood sugar is in front of the FDA right now. We speak with Lilly Diabetes Senior Medical Director Dr. Thomas Hardy about the need for this product, what it is and how it works.

In our Know Better segment.. a quick tip about Dexom’s G6 – save your papers!! More in Stacey’s Facebook live video here.

And a bit about the Bike Beyond documentary.  Stacey says it wasn’t what she expected at all. You can buy the DVD here or find out how to host a watch party.

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1:35 Stacey Welcome – thanks to DiabetesMine and Jacobs Media (& Elsie Escobar) for featuring us in recent columns

5:30 Interview with Dr. Thomas Hardy, Medical Director for Lilly Diabetes

28:30 Stacey shares her mistake when she was training again on injectible glucagon

32:00 Dexcom G6 information – keep your paper

35:30 Bike Beyond – Stacey’s review of the documentary


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