Author KJ Howe is back with another book in the Thea Paris thriller series. Skyjack, the sequel to The Freedom Broker, is an action-adventure series where the main character, a hostage rescuer and seriously tough lady, also happens to live with type 1 diabetes.

**A few minor audio issues with this show. Stacey sounds like she’s inside a tin can at times! Apologies, should be fixed for next week**

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We find out why Howe decided to focus on diabetes for this series; she has a background in medical writing but doesn’t have type 1 herself. She also shares tips for aspiring writers and talks about her annual Thriller Fest in New York – this year, George RR Martin is making an appearance.

In our Know Better segment, a new push to hear more stories from women of color with diabetes with the social media account WOCDiabetes on Twitter and Instagram

Our community connection this week is Christine Fallabel. She got our attention with a column she wrote about not wanting to be anyone’s diabetes hero as well as talking about her marriage to someone without type 1. Christine is also the American Diabetes Association’s Director of State Government Affairs and Advocacy for the Mountain Region, covering 9 states.


2:30 Stacey welcome and talks about travel with Benny. He seems to think it’s okay to throw all his diabetes gear on the luggage conveyor belt.

6:30 Interview with KJ Howe, author of Skyjack

30:00 Know Better Segment: WOCDiabetes expained

33:00 Community Connection interview with Christine Fallabel

56:00 Stacey talks about meeting George RR Martin during a Convention Q&A (read her write-up here)


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