Eric Paslay is a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter. Diagnosed with type 1 when he was ten, he says diabetes has helped him in unexpected ways. Stacey talks to Eric about growing up type 1, knowing he wanted to be a musician as a teenager and what it’s like now that those dreams are coming true.

Eric is part of Dexcom’s Call of the Warrior campaign. Learn more about how you can use the hashtag #WarriorUp to raise money for diabetes charities through the month of November.

Stacey mentions another Dexcom Warrior, Derek Theler, and plays a clip from his video. Previous episode with Derek here.

In our Community Connection this week, meet The Betes Bros. Chris Pickering talks about this new advocacy and support group and shares about their experience helping out during Hurricane Harvey.

Shoptalk this week is with the PADRE Foundation. Learn what this Southern California group is doing to support Pediatric Adolescent Diabetes Research Education.

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2:30 Stacey talks about Diabetes Awareness Month efforts including those from JDRF, Project Blue November and a grass roots #MakeDiabetesVisible hashtag project.

5:30 Clip of Derek Theler’s #WarriorUp Video

7:00 Clip of Eric Paslay’s #WarriorUp Video

7:15 Stacey interviews Eric Paslay

38:00 Stacey interviews Chris Pickering from The Betes Bros

51:00 Shoptalk segment with Shana Baker, PADRE Foundation President

55:30 Stacey talks about Lauren Stanford, who marks 20 years with type 1. Lauren and her mother, Moira, were featured in a previous show


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