Rob Howe spent 30 days using only over-the-counter, old school insulin from Walmart. Why? He has insurance, he can afford newer insulins and he normally wears the newest Medtronic hybrid-closed loop pump. But he says he had a scare when he thought he might not have the money to buy his regular insulin and he realized that he could educate others about how to do it.

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Under the care of a CDE, Rob gave up his pump and switched to older NPH and Regular insulins. We talk about how it went, what he learned and why this is not the answer to rising insulin prices. Rob is the host of Diabetics Doing Things and is a former Washington Generals player! Stacey gets him to talk about playing against the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters.

In our Know Better segment, a couple of follow ups as Tandem goes international to Canada and Scandinavia and a previous guest, Christel Oerum, is out with a new book. 


2:00 Stacey welcome, talks about over the counter insulin and mentions a few articles with more information.

Consumer Reports: How to Get Insulin at a Cheaper Price

NPR: “You Can Buy OTC Insulin, But Should You?”

Diabetic Connect: Buying Insulin Without a Prescription: What to Know

5:00 Interview with Rob Howe

52:00 Know Better: Tandem goes international and Diabetes Strong is out with a new book

58:00 Stacey on the road:

March 2 – JDRF Type One Nation Summit – Greater Chesapeake and Potomac  March 9 – JDRF Type One Nation Summit – Piedmont Triad April 14 – JDRF One Walk North Charlotte April 27- Touched by Type 1, Orlando May 19 – Riding On Insulin One Challenge, Charlotte July 11 – Children with Diabetes Friends for Life podcast taping


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