People with diabetes often live with other conditions as well. Find out about a new campaign called Now You See Me, an effort by the folks at Riding on Insulin to educate about living with multiple diagnoses.

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Stacey talks to professional snowboarder and founder of ROI Sean Busby who lives with T1D and Lupus. It took Sean a long time to let an accurate type 1 diagnosis and even longer to determine he has lupus. He shares the story of that journey, explains how he got back to competitive snowboarding and why he started Riding on Insulin.

We find out more about ROI from Mollie Busby. When she and Sean aren’t skiing and snowboarding and teaching kids how to love the outdoors, they live in a Yurt in Montana!

Visit Beyond Type 1 for more information on the #NowYouSeeMeCampaign

Find out more about the Charlotte ROI/JDRF event we talk about

In our Know Better segment.. A new study about adults, type 1 and other autoimmune conditions.


1:45 Stacey Welcome

4:30 Interview with Sean Busby

43:00 Know Better: study about type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune conditions

47:00 Community Connection with Mollie Busby

1:02:00 Stacey shares her Riding on Insulin story

Where will Stacey be?

May: Lilly Blogger Summit

May: JDRF One Challenge with Riding on Insulin

July: Children with Diabetes Friends for Life

October: Children with Diabetes Falls Church


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