Moira McCarthy and Stacey answer your questions about picky eaters, fear of shots and a summer time trips to the pool or beach. They share helpful stories from their own experiences – check the links below for more help and info.

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Learn about Buzzy and Shot Blocker (pain reduction in shots)

MedT’s iPort Advance (what Stacey calls an inset for shots)

Previous episode on Getting Diabetes Gear to Stick in the Summer

In our Community Connection this week… some push back from the DIY community as the FDA targets an off label use issue. Stacey asks, isn’t all T1D a bit DIY?

FDA Warning RE: DIY devices

Read Katie DiSimone’s post about the FDA and DIY

And in our Tell Me Something Good Segment – sports achievements from young and old as well as a major T1D accomplishment: The 4th person with type 1 diabetes summits Mt Everest!

Taylor Adams Summits Mt. Everest with T1D

History of T1Ds on Mt Everest

:00 Show Open -What’s on this week?

1:30 Stacey Welcome – Benny’s away at Diabetes Camp this week! And more on the ADA Sessions in the FB Group – along with any breaking news that comes from that annual event. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter!! New stuff is coming!

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5:10 Ask the D-Moms

38:00 Community Connection: DIY & the FDA

42:30 TMSG: Mooresville, NC baseball champs, Senior Games competitor and Taylor Adams becomes the 4th person with T1D to summit Everest


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