Letting go of your college-aged child is a challenge even without type 1 on board! We talk to the College Diabetes Network, a college senior with T1D and her mom about fears, communication and making it work. CDN recently surveyed parents about their fears and we’ll share the top ten.

Plus, medical help for your 18+ year old child. Even if they’re still on your health insurance plan, you can’t assume you’ll be able to help in an emergency or access their medical records. Here are a few articles to help:

Consumer Reports – Help your college aged child in an emergency

Grown & Flown – When your college kid has an emergency

And Stacey shares how what she calls on her of worst diabetes parenting moments became one of her best.

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1:33 Stacey welcome, mentions Jewish holiday carb counts from Beyond Type 1 and Project Blue November

3:50 Interview with CDN’s Stacey Cunnington, Courtney & Karlyn Gale

55:00 Stacey reads the entire list of Top Ten Fears Shared by Parents of T1D College Students

56:30 Know Better: Medical help for your adult child

59:15 Stacey’s not-so-proud parenting moment


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