It’s Stacey’s family’s 12 year diaversary. Benny was diagnosed the first week of December in 2006 just before he turned two. This week, Stacey takes a look back and gives an update on how they’re managing now. There are significant changes to share; Benny started an untethered routine about two months ago.

Learn more about untethered here. Also known as POLI (Pumping On Long Acting Insulin) untethered means you take long acting insulin like Tresiba or Lantus once a day but also use the pump. Stacey explains more.

Also this week, one of the biggest changes in the past 12 years has been the rise of smart devices. Stacey talks about Klue, a new app that can sense when you’re eating and help you with boluses! Check it out and sign up to Beta here. 

This podcast is not intended as medical advice. If you have those kinds of questions, please contact your health care provider.

Join the Diabetes Connections Facebook Group!  —– 1:30 Stacey welcome & reads reviews

6:40 Stacey reflects on life in 2006 when Benny was diagnosed

9:40 Diagnosis story

17:00 Big recent changes we’ve made: switch from Animas to Tslim last year. Got Basal IQ in late August. Started Untethered management in October.

Listen back to our Ten Year episode featuring Stacey’s whole family

35:15 Interview with Klue’s Katelijn Vleugels

46:20 Some programming notes, two more shows left in 2018 – no show the week of Christmas. Book Stacey for events for 2019 (the calendar is already starting to fill up!) email

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